Signs that Your Mixermate Thermostatic Mixing Valve Has a Problem

15 January 2021

Mixermate thermostatic mixing valves are designed to effectively sustain the hot water supply of residential and commercial properties. They are also intended to store water at a temperature that would kill bacteria and other harmful microbes. These valves can even help in preventing scalds or burns.

All these useful features of thermostatic mixing valves can be obtained if they are working optimally. However, if you frequently encounter irregularities and issues on your water supply, then something might be wrong with your Mixermate product. To know if your Mixermate thermostatic mixing valve truly has a problem, then here are some signs that you may want to check out.

Erratic Water Temperature

As previously stated, the Mixermate thermostatic mixing valve is made to sustain the water temperature at thedesired temperature. If the valve does not work optimally, then your water supply will certainly have temperatures that are not close to your preferred ones. Your water might even become either too hot or too cold, which can be dangerous and may cause scalds or burns.So, you might want to check the valveā€™s thermostatic element if it is still working. You can also confirm if something is blocking your valve. Calling for professional help, ultimately, is necessary to find and fix the root cause.

Abnormal Flow of Water

Another sign of a problematic Mixermate thermostatic mixing valve would be the sudden erratic flow of water. Usually, the water that comes out of a tap will flow smoothly. Once the flow or pressure of the water suddenly reduced, then your thermostatic mixing valve may now have some problems. One possible reason behind the abnormal flow of water is the build-up of scale or debris on your valve. Another reason might be the continuous corrosion of your valve components. Incorrect fitting of the valve can likewise cause abnormalities on your water flow.

Water Leaking or Dripping

Mixermate thermostatic mixing valves are effective in regulating the amount of water that is required to come out of the tap. If there are, however, instances of water leaking or dripping out of the tap, then your thermostatic mixing valve may have a problem. One common cause of leaking or dripping water is the presence of a faulty seal. Valve components that have already corroded can also cause this specific problem. A thermostatic mixing valve that is not positioned or installed correctly can also cause this issue.

Mixermate thermostatic mixing valves, fortunately, can be serviced easily by professionals. If you want to have your thermostatic mixing valves checked and repaired, then feel free to contact us at Mixermate Australia. If ever you need some replacements, we can supply easy-to-use and anti-scald tapware that is truly ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, retirement villages, and private homes.


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