Shower Temperature Control Problems in Mixers: What to Do

13 April 2018

It seems that everyone has experienced shower temperature control problems when using standard mixers, it is always either too cold, or too hot, which can be dangerous. When water becomes extremely hot, unexpectedly while taking a shower, scalding can occur. This can be dangerous, especially to small children and elderly people.

Shower temperature control problems in mixers can be traced to a few sources. Basic shower mixers simple just combine the hot and cold water from your home’s pipes. The temperature of the hot water that flows out of a shower is determined by how well the boiler works, or doesn’t work? It is not uncommon for older boilers to generate inconsistent water temperatures at times, resulting in water that is either scalding hot, or lukewarm.

Another cause of shower temperature control problems in mixers is when water is being used in the home while someone is showering. For example, if someone flushed a toilet, washes dishes, or is running water outside in the garden, it lowers water pressure of either the hot or cold water supply, resulting in temperature change during showering. This creates a problem for anyone taking a shower, but there is something that can be done about it.

Installing Thermostatic Mixer Showers

If you want to eliminate shower temperature control problems, then replace your mixers with Mixermate thermostatic shower mixers. With thermostatic mixer showers, there is no more worrying about unexpected scalding water spewing out from your shower head because of an old, inconsistent boiler, or when the flow of hot and cold water changes because someone flushed the loo.

Mixermate thermostatic shower mixers have thermostatic mixer valves that effectively keep water temperature consistent, and water pressure constant, so that when you are showering water temperature will never suddenly change. Mixermate showers ensure that there is never a risk of scalding, making them ideal for use in homes where there are small children and elderly people living.

Although standard shower mixers have been used for decades, these are now considered old technology, as newer, better shower taps are available, such as Mixermate shower taps. As the performance of older shower mixers and boilers drops, and shower temperature control problems increase, and with it the increased risk of scalding, the best thing to do is to install new thermostatic mixers shower in your home.

Mixermate thermostatic mixers effectively balance water pressure and water temperature, and have an auto switch-off mechanism for safety that prevents scalding.

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