Safety Tips in Using Thermostatic Showers and Taps

26 September 2016

Hot water safety and temperature efficiency is a ‘hot’ topic in Europe, England, and here as well, in Australia. The goal of hot water safety is to prevent terrible bath and shower water scalds in homes and residential buildings, where children and elderly live. The best way to do this – protect people from scalds, is by using thermostatic showers and taps in homes, such as Mixermate thermostatic showers and sink taps.

Thermostatic showers and sink taps have a big impact on preventing and reducing home injuries related to scalding hot water. That is why these are recommended in every home with children and elderly, as well as in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, resorts, and public restrooms. Basically, thermostatic taps effectively reduces the risk of scalding, if these are calibrated accordingly.

Safety Tips in Using Thermostatic Showers and Taps

It’s true, thermostatic showers and taps work perfectly, if these are calibrated correctly. Mixermate provides easy to follow instructions that lets you adjust the temperature settings of your thermostatic taps, however, when it comes to testing water temperature, most people just let the water run on their wrist to ‘feel’ the desired temperature. But, this is not an accurate method to determine safe water temperature.

Instead, using a kitchen thermometer to accurately test water temperature, so that an accurate safe maximum water temperature can be determined that will not harm anyone, is the best safety tip for calibrating thermostatic showers and taps.

Everyone Benefits from Mixermate Thermostatic Taps

Taking a warm or hot shower at the right temperature is refreshing, especially when standing under the running water in a meditative state of comfort, it feels so good. In this way, showering becomes medicinal, in that it helps people to relax physically, and that relieves stress. Also, the fact that you can expect the same ideal water temperature every time you turn on the tap is another benefit of owning thermostatic showers.

Installing thermostatic shower taps is easy because there is no drilling of holes, or any construction work required. A plumber can simply fit them onto existing plumbing, making it easy to upgrade standard showers and taps to thermostatic ones. With only one lever needed to operate these taps, you can easily adjust the hot and cold water, without worrying about unexpected hot water spewing out from the shower head.

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