Safety Guidelines in Mixermate Thermostatic Installation: Do’s and Don’ts

22 March 2018

If you have been thinking about making a change in your bathroom, you might want to consider searching out the Mixermate Thermostatic shower valves. The Mixermate is a revolutionary addition to modern bathrooms and kitchens all over the world. The Mixermate allows you to dial in your ideal temperatures while always having hot water at the ready. More than that, the Mixermate provides a host of actual, tangible benefits for people of all ages. What makes the Mixermate so great, outside of the aforementioned benefits, is that it is incredibly easy to install. With that being said, there are a few notes that you should make before engaging in the installation process.

Safety Guide for Installing the Mixermate Thermostatic Valve

Alright, so you’ve been won over by the Mixermate enough to consider having it added to your house. By this point, you are probably already envisioning all of the ways that it will tangibly improve your life. If you aren’t dreaming of those benefits then we’ll go ahead and reiterate a few of them below. First, however, we need to take a long look at the installation process. There are a few Do’s and Don’ts that you need to be comfortable with.

DO – Make sure that you have enough pressure through your water system in order to power the Mixermate. This valve is NOT compatible with gravity fed systems. For all other systems, you need to have 100 KPA at a minimum.

DON’T – Let the hot water supply in your home sit under 50 degrees Celsius. When your water supply gets under this mark, the Mixermate can struggle to function.

DO – Make sure to take annual temperature and flow readings every year. The element within the thermostatic valve should be changed roughly every five years in order to make sure that operation stays smooth and safe.

DON’T – Spend money buying a bunch of tools. The Mixermate can be installed without removing a single tile or altering your plumbing. All you have to do is replace your older shower taps and let the Mixermate do the rest of the work. The installation process is a little different if you are purchasing an In-Wall thermostatic mixer, however.

Here at Mixermate, we have made it our goal to provide customers with a shower add-on that can dramatically change and improve their lives. Mixermate thermostatic taps are easy to use, incredibly safe, and incredibly efficient. Mixermate valves help to reduce scalding, reduce water waste, and reduce energy consumption. Are you ready to change your bathroom for the better?

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