Reasons Why Inconsistent and Fluctuating Shower Temperature is Bad and Dangerous

08 April 2022

Taking a shower is the first thing you want to do upon getting home after a stressful long day at work or school. However, getting a pleasant shower may not be possible for everyone. One factor could be an inconsistent and fluctuating shower temperature which is commonly caused by a faulty water heater or its regulator. A drastic change in your shower temperature is bad and extremely dangerous. That is why having it checked or repaired immediately is highly recommended. To have a full grasp of how bad and dangerous an inconsistent and fluctuating shower temperature can be for you and your family, here are some specific reasons why.

It Can Cause Severe Burns

A faulty shower heater will give you an inconsistent and fluctuating shower temperature and experiencing this in the middle of having your shower can be so frustrating and annoying. It is better that you have your plumbing system checked by a pro at the onset to avoid it worsening in the following days. An inconsistent and fluctuating shower temperature is bad and dangerous because it can cause severe burns for you and your family. The last thing we want to experience is an unexpected flow of either cold or scalding hot water in the middle of what you thought to be a relaxing warm shower after a long day.

Your Children Might Get Hurt

Another reason that you need to know is that inconsistent and fluctuating shower temperature is bad and dangerous, especially for your young children. Your young children might get hurt from an unpredictable water temperature coming from your shower head. Fixing a faulty shower heater should be done immediately to prevent this from happening. You don’t want to wait for water heater failure to happen before you act on the matter. You must always inspect your plumbing system to make sure that your water heater system is working properly to avoid accidents like this from happening to you and your young children in the future.

Gives You Dry Skin

An inconsistent and fluctuating shower temperature is bad and dangerous because it will not only result in possible severe burns and for you and your children getting hurt, it will also leave you and your family with dry skin. Preventive maintenance, repair and replacements are just a few solutions to address this problem and for you to prevent it from causing you dry skin if this problem is not fixed immediately.

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