Ram Drill Free Shower and Rail: Mixermate Benefits that Provides Ease of Installation

28 May 2018

Because showering is a daily necessity, there have been creative innovations to make the chore as comfortable as possible, for all sizes of people and for those that have unique needs. One of the most popular shower types created is the shower and sliding rail, which consists of a shower head attached to a hooked water hose that can be easily adjusted along a sliding rail to reach the desired height.

The most popular models allow the shower head and water hose to be detached from the sliding rail. This allows a person the freedom to hold the shower head, which is ideal for elderly and those with a physical handicap that may require a chair while showering. Having the freedom to hold the shower head in the hand can also help parents to wash their small children, or even their pets!

Benefits of a Mixermate Ram Drill Free Shower and Rail

While shower and rail systems are very popular, installing them requires drilling into tiled shower walls and the need to install extra plumbing, to accommodate new taps, which often also requires removing tiles and light construction work. This prevents many people from installing shower and rail bathing systems in their bathrooms because of the cost of construction and installation, which requires permanent alterations to their tiled shower walls.

Now, with a Mixermate ram drill free shower and rail, there is no need for drilling into shower walls, and, there is also no need for any light construction to add any extra plumbing to accommodate new taps. This is because the ram drill free shower and rail system uses Mixermate taps – taps that utilise your existing plumbing and do not require any construction or drilling to install.

Easy Installation Benefits of Mixermate Wall Mixer Taps and Thermostatic Taps

Not only are Mixermate ram drill free shower and rail systems easy to install, but so are all of the company’s wall mixer taps and thermostatic bathroom and kitchen taps. Mixermate taps effectively replaces individual cold and hot taps (maximum 300mm width) with an easy to use centre, single arm outlet tap. And for people who want to effectively control the flow and temperature of the water in their homes, then thermostatic mixer taps are a must-have item.

With Mixermate products, you will have complete control over the amount of water pressure and how hot water can become in your home, as there is a built-in safety feature/valve that prevents water from reaching scalding temperatures. With the many benefits that Mixermate products offers, it is no wonder that more people are choosing to install them in their homes.


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