Quick and Easy, Drill-Free Tapware Solutions

20 October 2015

Up keeping a home is important, especially when it comes to plumbing such as pipes, drain and tapware. Whether a faucet needs to be repair or replaced, because of damage or malfunction, homeowners can also replace these for other reason as well, whether for aesthetic reasons or for better functionality. The one main problem when changing tapware is the common need to use a drill to make new holes, or to expand existing ones to accommodate new sized pipes, fitting or faucets.

Many property owners wished there were drill-free tapware solutions available where no extra holes would need to be drilled when replacing tapware. Now there is!

Drill-Free Tapware Solutions Now Available

In the not so distant past, replacing a showerhead, sink faucets, or hot and cold knobs usually meant calling in a professional plumber; a plumber that would need to drill into walls or remove tiles to install new plumbing fixtures. Now, drilling is not necessary to change your tapware with Mixermate – one of the best drill-less tapware solutions available today. How is that possible?

Installing new tapware without the need of drilling is possible, now that engineers have come up with a way to use a home’s existing plumbing, without having to replace any pipes or fittings. And, that way is called Mixermate – a drill-less tapware that mounts over existing plumbing. The tapware is ideally designed for all areas of the home such as the bathroom shower, the bathtub, the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom sinks.

It can be easily mounted on the wall over existing pipes once the old plumbing fixtures have been removed. What does this mean to homeowners? It means a cheaper way to replace tapware when needed, without the need to drill into the wall or remove any tiles; basically, to prevent any potential damage to the home while showerheads or hot and cold faucet knobs.

Mixermate makes the whole process less stressful for property owner and saves them money at the same time. But, that’s not all; there are other benefits from this drill-free tapware.

Other Benefits of the Drill-less Tapware – Mixermate

Being able to install tapware for your home so effortlessly is a huge benefit, but Mixermate does more than leave your pipes alone, it easily regulates your water’s temperature to prevent scalding. And, you can adjust the water temperature with just one finger, all at the same time.

Considering these benefits, Mixermate is an ideal tapware solution for residencies, commercial buildings or public buildings such as hospitals, wards and child care centres. It is easy for kids to use, and grandparents will find it extremely helpful being able to adjust the water pressure and temperature with one hand, and being able to find support with the other.

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