Primary Reasons Why Should You Replace Your Old Bathroom Taps with a Single Lever Tapware

27 July 2021

The bathroom is known to be one of the most important areas in home properties. Without considering its features thoroughly, home occupants and visitors will find it difficult to sustain and maintain personal hygiene. They would also feel incomplete, especially if some elements are missing from the bathroom.

One feature of a bathroom that should not be skipped is the single lever tapware. While most home properties before can already settle with conventional types of bathroom taps, the advancements in creating and manufacturing taps have significantly improved over the past few years. The introduction of single lever taps to the market helps a lot of property owners due to the benefits that they bring.

Ease of Operation

Perhaps, one of the most notable benefits of single lever taps is that they are easy to operate. Single lever taps are taps that utilise only one lever in controlling the flow and temperature of the water. Turning the lever to the left typically makes the water hot, while turning it to the right produces cold water from the tap. Alternatively, the water flow can easily change depending on the elevation of the lever from its resting position. Lifting the lever higher may yield a stronger water flow while placing it closer to the resting position can produce a weaker water flow. These functions make the taps great for home properties.

Safe and Reliable

Another benefit of single lever taps is that they are extremely safe. With the integration of mixer technology, single lever taps can effectively produce water based on the intended specifications of the users. The minimum and maximum temperature of the water that would come out of the taps should only stay within the specified range. The control over water temperature is likewise supplemented by the working principles of the lever. So, with single lever taps, property owners and other users will now be free from scalding incidents and other accidents that are typically associated with hot water exposure.

Massive Savings

One more benefit of single lever taps is that they can save a lot of resources. One of the resources that can be saved with these taps is water. The use of a single lever can already resolve the issue of processing water supply since it spontaneously increases or decreases the temperature of the water. Time is likewise saved with the use of single lever taps. The process of cooling or heating the water happens right away whenever the taps are used. Without any delays, these taps can easily help people carry out their activities. And as the more water is saved, the less money is spent and consumed.

All these benefits are already enough for you to change your old bathroom taps into single lever taps. For single lever tap needs, feel free to contact us at Mixermate Australia. We can turn any hot and cold tap into an easy-to-use single lever mixer tap and can be installed in around 1 hour.

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