Prepare for the Autumn and Winter Season with a New Mixermate Thermostatic Shower for Your Bathroom

12 March 2021

The temperatures during the autumn and winter seasons can get low quickly, which is why property owners should thoroughly assess and maintain their heating fixtures. One of the fixtures that they must prepare for would be their thermostatic shower.

A thermostatic shower takes water from an existing water supply. But for it to be more effective for users, it maximises an integrated thermostat to make its water temperature set to the users’ liking. Aside from its ability to maintain hot water output, it can also work consistently to ensure that the users will not get any skin injuries or bathroom accidents due to constant flow interruptions or erratic water temperatures.

We, at Mixermate Australia, offer thermostatic showers that can be very useful in preparation for the autumn and winter season. Our very own Mixermate thermostatic showers boast the following features that could help you maintain consistent water output without involving any risks.

Saves Resources

One prominent feature of our thermostatic shower is that it can save a huge number of resources. Since the temperature of our product can be pre-set beforehand, it can guarantee significant savings on water resources as it will not release any water that does not attain the right temperature. Additionally, the shower heads that are incorporated with our Mixermate thermostatic shower are AAA rated at 9 L/m. With this rating, showers heads are optimised to make the water stick to you and not bounce off easily, providing a strong gentle flow and saving you tons of energy, water, and money.

Eases Fitting

Another great feature of our very own thermostatic shower is that it can be installed easily. Some types of showers would normally require the removal of tiles and other components of the bathroom. But with Mixermate thermostatic shower, the need to remove the tiles is eradicated. Even the plumbing does not have to be changed anymore just to fit in the thermostatic shower. The only thing that must be done for the installation of our thermostatic shower is to replace the existing shower tap. And if the old shower tap needs to be installed again, you can do it easily thanks to the quick removal process of our product.

Protects Users

Perhaps, the greatest feature of our Mixermate thermostatic shower is its ability to protect the users from any injuries and scalding incidents. There are showers out there that do not effectively control their water temperature, causing harm to the people who are using them during baths or showers. Consequently, these people are often exposed to scalding and accidents that may be extremely dangerous. Our shower, on the other hand, maintains the safety of the users by shutting down right away if the pre-set water temperature and pressure are not met.

To find out more about our Mixermate thermostatic shower, feel free to call us at Mixermate Australia. We can turn your old hard-to-use taps into an easy-to-use single-lever mixer tap. Our products are ideal for people with arthritis, the elderly, and children as the Mixermate can be turned on with one finger.


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