Mixermate Wall Mixer Taps: Easy Installation Benefits, Plus More…

14 February 2018

No matter what kind of kitchen or bathroom you have, one of the most important aspects of the room will be your ability to regulate water temperature. Water temperature is more than just an aspect of convenience, it becomes pretty important in our day to day lives. That is where the Mixermate Wall Mixer Taps come into play. Mixermate products have been slowly but steadily changing the game when it comes to water application and people are now starting to get on board. For those that still haven’t gotten up to date on Mixermate’s water regulating taps, let’s take a few moments to look through the details. Today, we’ll be discussing the variety of benefits that a Mixermate Wall Mixer Tap can bring to your home.

Mixermate Wall Mixer Taps

Alright, so let’s first start by talking a little bit about what the Mixermate Wall Mixer taps actually are. These specialised wall taps are essentially the best way for you to regulate flow and temperature into your home. You’ll find that this specially designed piece of equipment can dramatically alter the very way that you interact with your kitchen or bathroom taps. Now, this sounds fairly run-of-the-mill in the grand scheme of things, so what makes it so special? That’s a great question. Here are a few of our favourite benefits of Mixermate Wall Mixer Taps.

1. Mixermate taps are incredibly easy to install.

Whenever you start to think about adding or changing your bathroom or kitchen, your first concern is likely in regards to renovation. Renovation involves ripping up plumbing or tiles and, in general, making your life a little bit of a headache. Fortunately, Mixermate Wall Mixer Taps can be installed as easy as a breeze with no teardown or renovation. Simply add the products in line with your existing plumbing and immediately reap the benefits.

2. You have complete control of water pressure and temperature.

Thanks to the technology behind the Mixermate products, you’ll have complete control over how hard your water pressure is and how hot the water can actually get. There is a built-in safety valve that prevents the water from hitting dangerous settings which is particularly useful for the elderly and disabled.

3. Mixermate helps to save money.

Mixermate Wall Mixer Taps are incredibly durable and long-lasting so that helps to save money. These wall taps also help you to reduce your water usage by preventing the need for heating up water that you end up never actually using in the shower. Using your preset temperature settings will allow you to regulate your usage.

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