Mixermate Taps: Water-saving and Eco-friendly Taps that Work

28 October 2019

Nowadays, water is significantly becoming a rare commodity. The increasing amount of water consumption is making it impossible to decrease the demand for the said resource. As a result, the only way to not completely deplete the supply is to reduce its usage and pollution.

As alarming as this is, efforts must be one to at least alleviate the impending problem. We must not remain complacent about this since it is an issue that concerns everyone globally. We can start doing so by incorporating water-saving and eco-friendly taps in our household.

Water saving and eco-friendly taps are better designed regular water taps that you can find at any hardware store. One best example of this would be Mixermate taps.

Limits Water Pressure

A significant amount of water resources will be conserved by regulating the amount of water that flows out. By setting a water pressure limit, you can take into account all the flow rates of all the appliances and fittings for that particular household. For example, most people turn on the shower at its maximum pressure for better cleaning. However, this results into having more water come out of the tap than what is really needed. Mixermate taps have a restrictor or flow limiter factory fitted as standard within the sprout. This enables the tap to precisely regulate the water usage so none of it will be considered wasted.

Regulates Water Temperature

Reducing the amount of hot water wasted is an essential factor in water conservation. For instance, it is a common practice to turn on the cold water knob and allow it to flow before slowly turning on the hot water knob for a desired hot bath. This practice consumes a substantial amount of water that can be used for other important purposes. Luckily, Mixermate taps have combined both the hot and cold water knobs into one lever, which can easily be manipulated with one hand, even just one finger. And, you can calibrate the Mixermate tap to a certain temperature, as well as controlling how much water flows out.

Eco-Friendly Conservation

The abovementioned practices do answer the water-saving approach of Mixermate taps. So you might be wondering, how is it eco-friendly? Well the response to that is stating that conservation in itself is considered beneficial to the environment. Once you limit your use of water supply to leave more for others, you are making a considerable difference in the total consumption of the said resource. Thus, becoming a responsible inhabitant of the world, that so generously served us since the beginning of time.

For more information regarding the use of water-saving and eco-friendly taps that work, contact us at Mixermate taps. We offer affordable taps that will reduce the water consumption for future uses. We provide products that are functional, convenient and affordable.

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