Mixermate Taps and What Makes Their Features Special

20 May 2015

Hot and cold showers are a commonplace in most homes and hotels today, and having the option to choose between the two, or a mixture of both, is a prerequisite staple amenity for any decent bathroom. Availability of hot and cold showers is truly a wonderful luxury, especially after a long day of work. Depending on the season, choosing a calming hot shower in the winter months or a cold refreshing shower during the hot summer months is invigorating.

However, depending on the faucet set, trying to reach an ideal medium temperature ‘manually’ between hot and cold water can be tricky and disappointing for some. Not anymore, with Mixermate and its special features!

Mixermate and its special features.

The difficulty many folks have with current two-faucet style systems is that a person showering needs to calibrate the hot and cold water separately, to achieve the desired water temperature. This balancing act, turning the hot and cold water faucet on simultaneously, is difficult for some people. Unfortunately, two-faucet style hot and cold showers aren’t always ideal for people with wrist injuries or disabilities, nor are they ideal for elderly individuals, as it can be quite difficult to twist and turn the faucets with ease.

Most people know what it’s like to have hot and cold water blast out from a faucet unexpectedly, and the immediate need to make adjustments so that they will not get scalded or shocked with a sudden blast of too-hot or too-cold water. For cases where there is a need for consistent bathing water temperatures and ease of access for injured or elderly individuals, standardised faucets simply will not do.

Fortunately, there are Mixermate special features available which allow for a far more ergonomically designed faucet that requires little to no wrist twisting-motion in order to turn on the water.

A better solution, Mixermate taps.

Mixermate taps are a revolutionary solution that provides ease of access to hot and cold showers, making it perfect for households, companies, and hospices that cater towards the injured or the elderly. Mixermate is a state-of-the-art contraption which combines the differing hot and cold faucets into one single, easy-to-manipulate, one-touch shower latch. What’s more, the Mixermate readily combines hot and cold water to a preset temperature that you determine, so that you get consistent showering water temperatures each time, every time!

No more sudden scalding, no more shocking cold jolts – each time you turn on the easy-twist latch, you get perfect bathing water just the way you like it! Perfect for the elderly, but a great feature to have anyplace, Mixermate is your instant solution to showering perfection!

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