Mixermate Shows How Pre-set Water Temperature Helps in Saving Water Consumption

08 December 2016

Few things in life feel as good as a soothing hot shower after a long and tiring day. You only have to step into the shower for a few seconds before the weight of the day is washed away. It feels so good because it not only relaxes your skin, muscles, and joints, but hot water also relieves stress from your mind. That is why so many homes across the country are now investing in quality thermostat showers.

These allow you to preset an ideal water temperature, so you can just step into the shower without having to first juggle the hot and cold water knobs that takes time. Instead, a thermostatic mixer with pre-set water temperature eliminates the need to wait to take a shower.

Benefits of the Pre-set Water Temperature

It can feel like ages when you are tired, standing and waiting, while you adjust the hot and cold water, before being able to take a shower? But you don’t have to do that anymore, not if you have a Mixermate thermostatic shower, all you have to do is use one simple lever to turn on the water and directly step into the shower.

This is possible because you can pre-set thermostatic showers to your ideal water temperature. This eliminates having to fiddle with the hot and cold water knobs, and removes the risk of scalding your family’s skin with unexpected hot water. In this regard, thermostatic shower taps protect the members of your family, especially elderly and children, from unexpected piping hot water spewing out of the shower-head.

Saving Water Consumption

Next to safety, the biggest advantage of a thermostatic shower is the amount of water your family will save using it. Most homes have separate knobs for the hot and cold water, the time it takes each person in your family to regulate the water temperature, water is being wasted. With a pre-set maximum water temperature setting, and one easy to use handle, much less water is consumed.

Reducing water consumption is important, and thermostatic mixer taps ensure that you don’t consume more water than required. If are concerned about saving water consumption, eliminating the risk of scalding, and having to wait to take a shower, then Mixermate can help install your own thermostatic shower, in just a few hours.

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