Mixermate Mixer Taps: A Perfect Fit to Your Modern Bathroom Design

14 January 2020

Homeowners are certainly eager to do one thing about their properties, especially if these properties are quite old now. They would want to upgrade and modernise these properties so that they are on the trend. Moreover, they would want these properties to be valuable not just for them but for future owners of their house.

One of the most significant parts of a home is the bathroom. Here, we take our showers and flush out whatever waste we have from our bodies. This room also calls for proper maintenance in a regular basis to ensure that no one will be prone to danger when using the bathroom. Luckily, there is a product that can provide our necessities and secure the safety of the bathroom.

With Mixermate Mixer Taps, you are ensured that you have the best tap technology in the market right now. Throughout the years, the most common tool when we consume water is to use two individual taps, with each corresponding to either hot or cold water output. For some, these taps can be complicated to use most especially with people who have difficulties. But with Mixermate Mixer Taps, you are guaranteed to receive the following benefits that are perfect for your modern bathroom design.

Ease of Use

A modern bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated. If it is possible, all enhancements for a modern bathroom must provide convenience to people. This convenience is the reason why Mixermate Mixer Taps are the best when it comes to bathroom taps. These taps are very easy to use. Just literally tap and point the direction of the tap towards to your preferred water temperature. The open and close mechanism is also easy to use. Just raise the tap upwards to open and tap it downwards to close it fully. These tap actions can shorten the time you have to spend in the bathroom.

Control over Temperature

As mentioned, Mixermate Mixer Taps can handle the job of two individual taps. You don’t have to install two separate taps just to accommodate two different water temperatures. Mixermate Mixer Taps can dial the perfect temperature according to the tap actions that are mentioned earlier. Moreover, you are easily protected from scalding since you can set both the minimum and maximum temperature that you want on your taps.

Safe and Secured

With the combination of accessibility and control, Mixermate Mixer Taps are there to ensure safety and security on your home. The actions of these taps are created to ensure that they will not produce water that can be too hot or cold for the skin. This enhanced safety and security from mixer taps can prevent elderly or even children from getting out and slipping on bathrooms because of scalding.


What makes Mixermate Mixer Taps stand out among other competitors is that they save tons of money. These taps utilise and maximise the use of their single tap in all water temperature and water pressure needs. The need to install two taps in one bathroom is also omitted due to the effective design of Mixermate Mixer Taps. These factors contribute to the lower electricity consumption of these taps in the long run.

Only one tap is required for the Mixermate Mixer Tap to work. This requirement alone makes this tap modern enough for today’s standards. Modern taps must not only possess great design, but must also be effective, affordable, and accessible to all. If you want to know more about Mixermate Mixer Taps, then call us now at Mixermate Australia.

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