Mixer shower benefits

22 October 2013

One of the most meaningful driving forces in the improvement of our lifestyles is the continuing evolution of technology. Probably the most fascinating aspect of this evolution is the way it tends to follow a precise pattern each time: meeting the need, overcoming unforeseen issues and allowing people a retroactive fix. The perfect example of this happening right now is the way people are moving away from the traditional style of shower spigots and reaping the benefits of mixer showers.

The need that traditional showers met was that of blending water from a water heater with the general household water supply to create a warm shower. This need was met by running separate water lines with separate controls for hot and cold to allow the person taking a shower to choose how hot the shower should be. This worked well for generations.

After happily using traditional showers for ages, a new challenge arose. It arose from a good thing – people were living longer than ever. This challenge was the simple fact that people living longer meant that more and more suffered from crippling conditions that came with those extra years, conditions like arthritis. For those who suffered from severe arthritis, working the traditional rotary knobs on showers was painful at best and impossible at worst.

The new solution to deal with this issue is mixer showers. These showers use a special valve to create a single point where the hot and cold water are mixed. By combining this valve with modern ergonomic thinking, a simple to use interface was developed which allowed even sufferers of crippling conditions to use the mixer showers easily and painlessly.

Thanks to modern engineering, the retrofit of traditional shower systems to more effective mixer showers is also less painful than such conversions would have been in the past. People contemplating a change in shower types often picture a huge renovation project that results in walls being destroyed and tiles being replaced. The clean and nondestructive installation of a mixer shower is just another of its benefits. In a simple bolt on solution, an antiquated shower can be updated to the far more accessible mixer shower.

An easy transition to a superior product that makes its use both better and more convenient is the dream result from any new technology, and exactly the result people are discovering with mixer showers.

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