Mattsson Thermostatic Shower: What Makes it an Essential Part of a Well-Designed Shower?

14 February 2020

Homeowners would usually create shower rooms with design aesthetic in mind. However, most of them would the part where they choose their shower tap. They would then end up with traditional shower tap and just connect it to the water heater. This shower workaround can be manageable but it can bring some difficulties in the long run.

Showers that purely rely on water heater tend to release inconsistent water temperature. Even if you want a hot shower experience, there will be times where your shower won’t just release your desired water temperature. On the other hand, the water released from your shower can get too hot and is actually beyond your dialled water temperature.

One viable solution for this shower problem is the installation of a thermostatic shower. Mattsson offers a thermostatic shower that contains defining features for shower room needs. With this type of shower, you can get away with scalding problems and other troubles that are normally caused by using a traditional shower tap.

For your shower room to be well-designed, it must contain a Mattsson thermostatic shower so that you can get its following benefits.

Thermostatic Ability

Being a thermostatic shower, Mattsson’s offering can help you obtain the water temperature that you prefer. Even if your water supply comes in hot or cold, the Mattsson thermostatic shower can readily convert the temperature of the incoming water to your desired temperature. This thermostatic ability ensures a water temperature that will not be too cold or too hot for your body.

Balanced Pressure

Mattsson thermostatic shower utilises a built-in pressure-balancing piston so that the water will be stable according to your flow preference. This component can handle sudden unequal pressure in the water from the pipeline, preventing any water fluctuations when using the shower.

Automatic Safety Switch

Mattsson thermostatic shower is just a tool that can help you obtain your desired water temperature. And just like other tools, there might be some circumstances wherein it fails to perform its functions. Fortunately, this thermostatic shower has an automatic turn-off switch that cuts off the water supply if it cannot achieve the preferred water temperature.

Added Convenience

Mattsson thermostatic shower can regulate water temperature easily. It veers away from the process of waiting for the water to heat first before hopping in on the shower. Moreover, it has a single lever that can be turned depending on your preferred temperature. The turning on and off functionality can also be done through this lever.

If you are looking for a shower tap for your shower room, then Mattsson thermostatic shower can certainly help you in a lot of ways. The aforementioned benefits of this shower can save you time and money. This shower can also prevent any unfortunate shower accidents due to scalding and other related problems. To buy one, you can visit us at Mixermate Australia.

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