Make Dishwashing and Laundry Easier with Mixermate Thermostatic Taps

26 March 2021

There are two household activities that mostly utilise a huge amount of water. These activities are dishwashing and laundry. Dishes and other similar things must be washed regularly so they cannot contain any elements that are harmful to food products. Clothes and other related products are also recommended to be washed and cleaned to preserve their fabric quality and emit a good odour.

One important consideration in performing these household activities is the water temperature. With the right water temperature, dishes and clothes can be cleaned thoroughly without damaging them. Fortunately, we at Mixermate offers thermostatic taps that can make your dishwashing and laundry activities to be much easier.

Washing Dishes with the Right Temperature

When it comes to dishwashing, it is known that hot water can amplify the cleaning effects of soap. You see, utilising soap and water that is under room temperature cannot entirely remove germs, bacteria, and other dirty elements on dishes. The combination of these elements cannot thoroughly sanitise or disinfect them, which can be a problem once the dishes are used again.

Dishwashing with Mixermate thermostatic taps, on the other hand, boasts benefits that can make your life easier. For one, they can effectively save a lot of time and effort since they can provide the needed hot water for dishwashing. Hot water can effortlessly lift food and grime off the dirty dishes with just a few scrubs, which can already cut a lot of time, effort, and even water in removing food particles. Hot water can also remove grease in just a short time. Even with the use of less dishwashing soap, your dishes are now expected to be smooth and clean as you utilise ourMixermate thermostatic taps.

Bacteria and germs can also be eradicated easily with the use of our thermostatic taps in dishwashing. Blending our taps’ hot water with the right type of soap can certainly sanitise the dishes, cookware, utensils, and others. Ultimately, they can now ensure that meals will now be safe.

Hot Water in Washing Clothes and Others

Aside from dishwashing, Mixermate thermostatic taps can also be maximised in washing clothes. Our taps allow you to wash clothes and get the laundry done more easily. Mixermate thermostatic taps ensure that the water temperature, flow, and pressure will remain consistent throughout their operations. And since laundry can be difficult and time-consuming, Mixermate thermostatic taps can help make the activity much more tolerable compared to before.

With our taps, washing of clothes and other similar items can be done right away. As hot water interacts with dirty clothes, it can effectively speed up the cleaning effects of your detergent, which would ultimately make your laundry faster and more efficient. After washing your clothes with hot water, you can anticipate them to be truly clean and fresh.

And similar to dishes, washing clothes and others with hot water can quickly kill all germs and bacteria that may be present. Just make sure that there are no children around to prevent them from scalding accidents. Other elements that hot water can eradicate from your clothes include stains, grease, and dirt.

If you want to acquire Mixermate thermostatic taps, feel free to call us at Mixermate Australia.


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