Kitchen and Laundry Room Renovations: Replace Regular Taps with Thermostatic Mixermate

17 August 2018

How often do you think about the water taps in your kitchen and laundry room? The odds are pretty good that you haven’t given them a second thought. While we don’t blame you for not putting much thought into your kitchen and laundry room taps, we can tell you that you are missing out on some timely and effective home renovations. Your water taps are an integral part of your day-to-day life and with a little bit of tweaking, you can vastly improve the quality of your life and the bottom line of your utility bills. How, you may be wondering? The answer is simple: by installing Thermostatic Mixermate taps.

Thermostatic Mixermate Taps for Your Kitchen & Laundry Room

While your kitchen and laundry room taps aren’t a bastion for deep thought, they do have room for improvement that you owe it to yourself to consider. This improvement comes not by way of decorative handles, but by way of quality renovations. Thermostatic Mixermate taps are a great way to adjust a key aspect of your day to day water usage. Let’s jump right into the discussion in order to talk about what Thermostatic Mixermate taps are, what they do, and why they can make a big difference in your kitchen and laundry room.

1) What are Thermostatic Mixermate taps?

To put it simply, Thermostatic Mixermate taps are part of a system that helps you to regulate the temperature of the water that is emitted from your taps. Why is this important? Well, if you’ve ever been burned by scalding water then you know how nice it would have been to have the water a different temperature. The water in your tank stays pre-heated to the temperature that you set and a governor is put in place in order to prevent the temperature from climbing over a certain degree.

2) What are the primary benefits of Thermostatic Mixermate?

Primarily, Thermostatic Mixermate taps work to control the temperature of the water. This is particularly useful for people with arthritis, people with small children, and people looking to control their water usage. Thermostatic Mixermate taps are incredibly easy to install and they are even easier to operate.

3) How can Thermostatic Mixermate help my kitchen or laundry room? 

Your kitchen and your laundry room are the two places where water is most often wasted. From washing dishes in the sink to washing clothes in your washer, this is an area where any water that you save is going to make an immediate impact on your water bill. Thermostatic Mixermate taps help to keep your water where it needs to be so that your washing is efficient, energy-saving, and safe.

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