Kid-Friendly Thermostatic Mixermate Taps

15 November 2017

Kids love to take hot showers just like adults, unfortunately they can’t always be trusted to keep themselves safe from scalding around old-fashioned shower taps. In regards to small children, they need to be continuously supervised whenever taking hot baths,, to prevent scalding by making sure that water temperature is just warm enough for their sensitive skin.

As kids grow and desire to do things like shower by themselves, it can be nearly impossible to monitor them all the time when they want to shower. Thankfully, parents can now rest easy because there is a way to make sure that their children are safe from the risk of scalding when showering alone.

Mixermate taps – the new state-of-the-art solution to kid-friendly bathing. Unlike traditional hot baths and old-fashioned heated showers, Mixermate taps allow for maximum control of water temperature and water pressure, making them perfectly safe to use.

Here are some of the advantages of kid-friendly thermostatic Mixermate taps:

  • Precise temperature control – with Mixermate taps, you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally scalding themselves or suddenly getting sprayed with cold water. Its built-in thermostatic controls not only allow you to adjust the temperature of the water so that it remains the perfect degree of warmth, it also ensures a consistency in the temperature in that it will not rise or drop unexpectedly.
  • Easy-to-operate controls – Mixermate’s automated temperature controls are so easy to operate that even young children will have no problem adjusting the water temperature and pressure to their liking, without running the risk of making the water either too hot or too cold.
  • Ergonomic handles – all Mixermate taps come with ergonomically designed handles that are easy to manipulate for the elderly and people with physical limitations, and even more so for kids.
  • Water pressure regulation – sometimes, uneven water pressure can be a bane to a comfortable shower. Thankfully, Mixermate taps solves that problem too, with its water pressure regulator.

Not only will your kids be safer, but you will also revel in the most comfortable shower you’ve ever have, and, instead of your children shying away from bath-time, they will more likely look forward to taking a shower or bath.

Don’t fret over allowing your kids to take their own showers and baths. Instead, rest easy knowing they are safe with Mixermate thermostatic taps, it will buy you more time to attend to other pressing things at home while your children enjoy their bath time.

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