Is mixermate really cost effective?

16 February 2015

Hot and cold showers have become a staple of most Western comforts, although it has taken a long while for the advancements to reach the pinnacle of refinement that it has today. While the option of hot and cold showers have become a basic necessity of most household bathrooms, these are not without disadvantages, especially when considering the often specialised needs of the elderly, ill, and disabled.

Most of the time, elderly people or individuals with disabilities find it somewhat difficult to operate the typical ‘two knob’ hot and cold shower handles, especially since it takes several turns or twists of the hand and wrist in order to get the water running, and in order to properly close the valves after user. Individuals who have wrist or hand injuries, and elderly people whose muscular strength has abated, may find it nearly impossible to turn on the water. This can be a very frustrating situation to find one’s self, not being able to turn on faucet, hot or cold. But there is hope.

Mixermate gets around what is a considerably minor problem by providing an easy-to-operate lever-system that replaces regular screw-style shower knobs. This specialised lever-system grants individuals the means to turn the shower on and off with relatively no effort needed, no twisting or turning of the wrists. This is perfect for disabled and elderly who can now easily operate the shower with minimal effort of just a finger alone.

Not only does this do away with the need for highly modified showers, but it also helps more ‘self-sustained’ sedentary individuals to go about much of their daily tasks without the need for further assistance.

Unlike typical shower syatems

Unlike most specialised shower systems, Mixermate forgoes the separation of hot and cold water which really makes gauging the right bathing water temperature a practiced chore. Instead, people can opt for a standardised pre-set temperature that is just right for all individuals and can be custom-set for the express needs of personal preference or ailing persons. This feature can save families money in the long run on hot water heating bills.

Most specialised shower systems also require a reinstallation, if not a complete overhaul of current shower systems a homeowner may have installed, racking up costs for labour, material, and time it takes to get a new system up and running. Mixermate forgoes these issues, the need for any unnecessary overhaul. Instead, Mixermate works with the already preset plumbing of any current shower systems, with only very slight modifications needed.

No need to re-tile, re-grout, and refurbish plumbing in any way with Mixermate, which spells tons of savings for every homeowner on a budget! For more information on how Mixermate can help you cut costs with their super-effective state-of-the-art shower system, please visit:

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