Important Things to Know About Mixermate Thermostatic Shower Installation

26 November 2020

Mixermate Thermostatic Showers possess features that can be beneficial for property owners. For one, they are equipped with an easy-to-use lever that makes them optimal for users who have difficulty operating other types of showers. They are also deemed to be safer compared to others as they do not allow instances of scalding to users. They likewise possess a self-regulating feature that maintains the water temperature at +/- 2 degrees Celsius of the pre-set water temperatures.

Another great feature of Mixermate Thermostatic Showers is that they are easy to install. They can be mounted on the wall surface without the need to remove tiles or altering the plumbing system. Additionally, the whole installation process would only take around an hour, which is significantly shorter than other shower installations. All these things allow property owners to save a lot of time and money.

The installation of Mixermate Thermostatic Showers is easy. However, there are still some things that you should know about the installation process of these showers.

Compatible Water/Pump Systems

Mixermate Thermostatic Showers can be versatile, but they still have to match specific requirements when it comes to water or pump systems. Optimally, these showers can operate alongside mains pressure water systems or pump systems that run over 100 kPa. Gravity fed systems, alternatively, are not ideal and compatible with Mixermate Thermostatic Showers.

Water Temperature Requirement

Another thing that you should know about Mixermate Thermostatic Showers is that their thermostat can only run if the optimal water temperature has been reached. The hot water supply that will be brought to the shower must be at least 50 degrees Celsius for the thermostat to work optimally. Temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius can stop the showers from working.

However, if the tempering or thermostatic mixing valve that is fitted to the shower has been set below 50 degrees Celsius, then you can try doing two things. First, you may have to run a separate line from the hot water unit to your shower. Alternatively, you can set the tempering or thermostatic mixing valve to 50 degrees Celsius, provided that you have obtained appropriate approval from the showers’ provider.

Annual Testing and Maintenance

And just like other types of showers, Mixermate Thermostatic Showers must be tested and maintained regularly. The flow and temperature readings of the showers’ valve must be conducted and tested every year to ensure that they are still working optimally. The thermostatic element of the shower must also be replaced every 5 years to obtain efficient and safe shower experience.

Mixermate Thermostatic Showers are great for those who are sensitive to fluctuations in water and who are at risk of burns due to tampering with the taps. If you want to obtain your own Mixermate Thermostatic Showers, then feel free to contact us at Mixermate Australia. We supply easy-to-use and anti-scald tapware that is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, retirement villages, and private homes.


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