Ideal Bathroom Designs for Retirement Homes

16 June 2016

Bathroom designs in retirement homes should take into consideration the special needs and sensibilities of the elderly who live in these homes. Designs for these rooms should include tubs, showers, sinks and toilets that they can use with ease, but special attention also should be placed on the ideal tapware to complement these other measures. Our company, Mixer Mate, offers thermostatic showers and taps that control the temperature limits to ensure that the water never gets too hot for the sensitive skin that older adults often develop as they age.

How Mixermate Thermostatic Tapware Helps to Create Safe Bathrooms for the Elderly

Just as safety bars help the elderly enter and exit the various features in the bathroom in a safe manner, thermostatic showers and taps prevent skin damage from excessively hot water. The elderly may not be able to feel that the water is too hot, especially if they suffer from certain health conditions, and this is where this type of tapware is useful. With this tapware, the hot water will not reach temperatures higher than 38-degrees Celsius without manually overriding the safety lock that comes on this tapware. In addition, even without the thermostatic feature the operation of the mixermate tapware is easy for the elderly since the controls work smoothly without the necessity of force.

Our Company’s Tapware Saves Water

We ensure that all of our tapware saves water during its operation. An example of this is the showerheads that we offer hold an AAA rating at 9L/m.

Existing Bathroom Designs Are Simple to Renovate With Our Tapware

Renovating existing bathrooms in retirement homes is easy with tapware from Mixer Mate. Our tapware fits over existing plumbing without a need to remove the tiles on the wall. This makes installation quick and cost-effective.

Examples of Tapware Products to Incorporate into Bathrooms in Retirement Homes

#MS004 is a combination of a handheld shower with cradle and a shower mixer tap. This selection comes with the pipework, hose, chrome cap, cover, mixer, shower cradle and showerhead necessary for complete installation along with the pertinent instructions.

#MBSN001 is a chrome basin mixer that contains a standard handle.

#MMTPBS1 is an exposed Mixermate Mattsson thermostatic/pressure balance model of shower mixer in chrome.

#MBTH002 is a chrome, wall-mounted bath mixer that controls both hot and cold water to combine them for just the right temperature. It replaces separate taps for each hot and cold water, and it comes with a standard handle.

Turn to Mixer Mate whenever you need quality thermostatic showers and taps to enhance the bathroom designs at your retirement centre. We will guide you through our entire product lineup and explain what the best choices are for your specific situation.

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