How to Repair a Leaking Shower Mixer Tap

16 June 2017

Shower mixer taps are very useful, that is why more and more people are using them because they conveniently connect both the cold water supply and the hot water supply, and then combine the flow of water into an easy to control single spout. However, as reliable as these are, like any plumbing fixture that is used frequently, even well-made shower mixer taps need to be repaired, eventually.

The most common problem with well used mixer taps is that they will begin to leak water. Not to worry, as this is not uncommon and the leak can be repaired with some tools and a little know-how.

Steps to Repair a Leaking Shower Mixer Tap

Do you have a leaking shower mixer tap? If you do, don’t worry, the problem can be fixed. Shower mixer taps are controlled by a single valve cartridge inside the handle, and by turning it you can adjust the flow of water. With much use over time, the cartridge’s rubber seal will eventually wear out, and that is usually why shower mixer taps leak water.

To fix the leak, you must replace the cartridge’s rubber seal with an exact duplicate. This is done by taking apart the mixer tap, and then replacing the rubber seal, and then put the tap back together. You will need a few items to accomplish this, and some simple step-by-step instructions:

Step 1 – Acquire the parts you need.

  • Screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A new rubber seal

Step 2 – Turn off the water to the house, and then turn on the shower tap to drain the water from the line.

Step 3 – Use the screwdriver to remove the mixer tap handle and the plastic cap covering the cartridge’s rubber seal. Then use the needle nose pliers to remove the worn rubber seal.

Step 4 – Insert the new rubber seal snugly, and then put back the plastic cap and reassemble the mixer tap handle.

Step 5 – Turn the water back on and make sure the leak has stopped.

It is fairly easy to repair a leaking shower mixer tap, however, if you feel more comfortable having someone help you with it, then any licensed plumber can do it for you.

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