How to Convert Standard Taps to Mixermate Taps

23 October 2017

Many homes still have standard taps, they have been around a long time and are part of most new interior plumbing. As they have been efficient until now, there are newer and better taps available that are more functional. Old-fashioned taps aren’t exactly what you would consider ‘perfect’, as they do have a number of problems that once were considered simply ‘part of the package’. But standard taps have lately become overshadowed by far more superior taps – Mixermate Taps.

Problems of standard taps include irregularity of water pressure, problems with water flow control, and the often annoying trait of only allowing singular water-flow (either hot or cold water, but never both in a single tap) have all become the bane of households in some way or another. Thankfully, there are newer taps that completely do away with all of these problems!

Now, if there was a quick, easy, and cheap way to replace all of your old taps with newer ones, that do not have the above mentioned problems, then most people would opt for it. Well, there is, these are called Mixermate taps.

Unlike most mixer taps that require a complete overhaul of all pre-existing plumbing, installing Mixermate taps is easy and hassle free. All that essentially needed to be done is to install a converter into the existing plumbing, and then add the ergonomic tap handles and the automated thermostatic controls, and then you have yourself a revolutionary system that bests any tap on the market.

Opting for Mixermate taps offers the following advantages:

• Ergonomically designed handles – allows for easy control that requires very little effort. Perfect for people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, or individuals with disabilities. Makes turning a tap on and off extremely easy because only one hand or finger is needed.

  • Perfect temperature control – no more sudden blasts of cold water, and eliminates the possibility of scalding, thanks to its built in thermostatic control, water remains at the constant temperature you preset.
  • Water-pressure control – gone are the pesky sudden jets of water that leave you and everything within your radius in a soaking mess, thanks to Mixermate’s water-pressure control system, water-flow remains consistent, irrespective of any sudden changes in the external water pressure of your plumbing system.The best way to convert standard taps to Mixermate Taps is to order them online, and then have a plumber install them for you, it only takes less than an hour. If you have any questions, you can contact Mixermate by phone, at (03) 9583 3049.

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