How to Choose the Best Shower Mixer for Your Bathroom

15 December 2020

One vital element of bathrooms is the shower. With a shower, family members can easily enjoy a nice and comfortable bath after a long day of work or even before going to sleep. Taking a shower can also be relaxing as it reduces stress, fatigues, and other similar body issues. It can likewise improve blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, lower blood pressure, and other health benefits.

Shower mixers, which are intended to blend hot and cold water, can effectively regulate the water temperature and provide the best one for your bathroom. However, they normally come in various types that often confuses people whenever they are buying one. To help you out, here are some factors that you need to consider when choosing the best shower mixer for your bathroom.

Power Capacity

Most shower mixers are designed to provide great water flow compared to other shower-related fixtures. However, their power capacities are generally dependent on the water pressure of your property. If your property has low water pressure, then expect weak water flow from your shower. Alternatively, if you have high water pressure, then your shower mixer can easily provide you with your needed bathroom water.


Another factor that you need to consider when choosing a shower mixer is its compatibility or suitability to your bathroom. Most shower mixers can adjust the water temperature and send the needed water to the shower fixture. However, a few of them are manufactured to just work with either a high-pressure or a low-pressure water system. So, before buying one, make sure that you choose one that is compatible with your existing water system to avoid wasting time, water, and money.

Purchase Cost

And speaking of money, buying a shower mixer today can be easy since shower mixers are now widely used and installed. A few years back, shower mixers can be too expensive as the price justifies their overall functionality. But today, high-quality and branded shower mixers can now be purchased by almost anyone as their prices have now decreased significantly.


There are shower mixers that require additional structural works just to get them installed. Luckily, there are shower mixers that can be installed without removing tiles and creating some holes on the walls. Shower mixers that are easy to install tend to be more favourable for families who want to save some money from hiring professionals. Nonetheless, acquiring help from professionals for the shower mixer installation is still recommended so they can set it up and modify it according to your liking.

Special Features

Some shower mixers can readily provide a steady supply of water without any waiting time. Others, alternatively, would still provide water with fluctuating temperature. Shower mixers that can keep the water temperature steady throughout their use are much more liked by families since they can prevent scalding instances and other related accidents.

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