How Thermostatic Showers Can Give Ease to People with Arthritis

09 September 2016

Living with arthritis is difficult, to say the least. And, those who wrestle with it struggle to understand the pain, fatigue and stiffness that they have to go through every day. As patients age, the condition worsens with increasing, constant joint aches that are difficult at best to find a treatment for relief, even from painkillers. However, it is possible to find relief from temperature treatment using water.

Thermostatic Showers for Arthritis Can Ease Discomfort

Can just washing hands or bathing in controlled water temperature really contribute to the treatment and relief from arthritis? Doctors say, yes, water treatment is one of the most natural pain alleviating methods suggested to treat arthritis. In fact, certain types of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, can be treated to alleviate discomfort and pain with controlled water temperature.

That is exactly why thermostatic showers for arthritis come in handy, to treat discomfort and pain caused by aching joints. Water temperature should be warm and not hot, says doctors. In fact, there should be no sudden increase or decrease in water temperature when joints are soaked and massaged under the shower. Because of this, effective water temperature control devices like Mixermate thermostatic showers are suggested.

Controlled Water Temperature

Traditional ways of heating shower water leads to unpredictable temperature changes that can actually scald the skin. Basically, sudden and unexpected water temperature can cause more damage than relief. Thermostatic showers taps control water in such a way that it will remain within the preset limits, every time the water is turned on.

Therefore, patients suffering from arthritis do not have to keep turning levers in the shower to find the right combination of hot and cold water. More importantly, there are no chances of burns from scalding hot water, spewing unexpectedly out of the shower head. Instead, those with arthritis can freely spend any amount of time enjoying the warmth of water on their joints, without being limited to the amount of water in a traditional water heater.

A Necessity in Homes, Hospitals and Senior Care Homes

People over the age of 40 are increasingly facing issues like arthritis, vasculitis and Raynaud’s disease, where sudden changes in water temperature can cause severe aches, scleroderma, restrict blood circulation and cause tingling sensations in the nerves. So, thermostatic showers for arthritis become important weapons in the fight against temperature issues that aggravate arthritis.

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