How “Easy-to-use” Single Lever Mixer Taps Help Empower Elderlies and Handicapped

20 August 2019

There are bounties of different ways that you can approach enhancing your home. However, if you live with an elderly or otherwise handicapped individual, some improvements are more important than others. For starters, every elderly or handicapped individual in your home deserves to live with pride and grace. What does this mean? Well, in order to live with both pride and grace, they need to be able to accomplish all of the regular tasks that are expected of them, including using the sink. If you want to make life easier for your elderly or handicapped loved ones, consider installing a single lever mixer tap from Mixermate Australia.

Single Lever Mixer Taps Empower Those with Limitations

When it comes to making your home as user-friendly as possible, you need to pay careful consideration to those with disabilities. While it may be easy for a young and healthy individual to do all of their everyday tasks, even simple jobs become a chore for those with limitations. Being incapable of turning the faucet tap in order to wash your hands or get a glass of water can be downright demoralising. Thankfully, there is an easy way to address the issue. The installation of a single lever mixer tap from Mixermate Australia can provide the following benefits immediately.

1) Easy to Use – First and foremost, a single lever mixer tap will be significantly easier to use for your handicapped and elderly loved ones when compared to a traditional tap. Single lever mixer taps can be operated by those with physical limitations such as those caused by arthritis.

2) Safe Temperature Control – Mixer taps are also amazing products for elderly and handicapped individuals that suffer from skin sensitivity. If you have a young child or elderly loved one, you have to be aware of the temperature of the water in your sink. If you aren’t careful, your loved one could end up scalding themselves. A single-lever mixer tap allows you to control the temperature of the water while eliminating the risk of any scalding.

3) Easy to Install – Finally, single lever mixer taps are incredibly easy to install. You won’t have to go through a renovation, nor will you need to tear out your wall. All you need are a few household tools and a little bit of free time in order to install your single-lever mixer tap.

Ease the struggle that your elderly and handicapped loved ones are being forced to face. Simply contact our team here at Mixermate Australia in order to discuss the perfect mixer solutions for your needs.

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