How Controlled Temperature in Thermostatic Showers Helps with Nerve Pain or Neuropathy

04 December 2017

When people suffer from nerve pain or neuropathy, they already know how difficult it is to adjust the temperature of the shower water to keep it from being too hot at least, with a traditional setup. They may not be aware, though, that they can install thermostatic shower mixers to ensure that the water never scalds them again. Mixers such as these are designed to heat the water according to a preset temperature, but further details about this latter. We offer you an explanation about nerve pain and neuropathy along with further details on thermostatic showers in the following facts.

What Causes Nerve Pain or Neuropathy?

Often, nerve pain or neuropathy is a burning or shooting pain, according to sufferers. While diabetes is a disease that can cause this type of pain to occur, nerve damage from an injury is another major reason for people to suffer with this. Also, the pain is ongoing and at times, quite severe. If the neuropathy is caused from nerve damage, the sufferer may either be super sensitive to temperature changes on their skin or they may even lose a bit of feeling in the affected area that makes it difficult to determine how hot the water actually is for their showers.

What Are Thermostatic Showers?

Thermostatic showers contain mixers that are preset to heat the water not any hotter than 38-degrees C unless the owner manually overrides their safety locks. However, even then, the mixers will not allow the water to be hotter than 50-degrees C. This feature makes these mixers ideal for sufferers of nerve pain or neuropathy. They will be able to enter the shower and know that the water will not scald them. Even if they cannot feel the real temperature of the water, the thermostatic mixers will protect them. Along with this benefit, they will be able to relax while taking a shower since the water is always at an ideal temperature to release tension in their body, which helps them deal with the pain better.

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