Hot and Cold Temperature Matters for Skin Renewal and Beautification

16 November 2016

It often comes as a surprise to people when they discover that hot and cold temperature matters for skin renewal and beautification, as a matter of fact, bathing is a healing habit that can also help the body to detox. Not only can the use of hot and cold water during bathing help detox the body, which helps in skin renewal and overall beautification, but hot and cold temperature can also relieve physical discomfort and mental stress.

Most people do not consider that their shower is an effective tool for better health and skin care, but it is, if water temperature is regulated efficiently. The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning skin renewal is the face area, but skin renewal involves the whole body, including the underarms and private areas. Basically, skin renewal and beautification starts with hygiene, bathing regularly, and utilising hot and cold water efficiently.

Efficient Use of Hot and Cold Water for Skin Renewal and Beautification

The use of hot and cold water has many benefits, and knowing what these are, especially in regards to skin renewal, one can achieve the best results. Here are some of the benefits from the use of hot and cold temperatures to promote skin renewal.

Hot and Warm Water

Submerging in warm bath water or standing under a hot shower for a few minutes benefits the liver, lungs, kidneys and skin – the largest organ of the body, by inducing lymphatic flow. Basically, it opens the pores of the skin which improves circulation, encourages sweating, and brings relief to inflammation, and that in-turn improves skin renewal. This is especially true when using a scrubber while bathing to remove dead layers of skin.

The removal of dead skin with hot and warm water, when the pores are opened, aids in the removal of pollutants and metabolic waste that have been collected on the skin. And, by removing these, it helps the natural process of skin renewal.

Cold Water Use

Regular use of cold water while bathing or washing the face invigorates and tighten skin, which helps to stave off skin sagging as people age. Cold water also relieves inflammation, especially when used with a hot and cold treatment, right after an injury.

Hot and cold temperature matters for skin renewal and beautification, especially when using water temperature with these health benefits in mind. That is why having consistent and accurate control of water temperature, such as is accomplished with a thermostatic shower, is important, so as also to prevent scalding, which can damage the skin.

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