Energy-Saving Measures when Using Thermostatic Showers

07 December 2020

Thermostatic showers are now becoming popular to households and properties since they boast features that other shower types do not generally possess. These showers can easily regulate the flow of the water once it reaches the desired water pressure and temperature. They can also shut down automatically if ever the water supply is interrupted. Thermostatic showers can even be installed and maintained easily.

Despite the presence of these useful features, owners of these showers can still perform additional measures just to make these fixtures more efficient and cost-effective. If you currently own thermostatic showers, then you may want to consider the following energy-saving measures.

Adjusting the Location

One energy-saving measure that you can do is to adjust the location of thermostatic shower components. These components would process first the available water before sending it out to the bathroom. The timing for the arrival of hot water then depends primarily on the distance of the outlet to the heater, the reaction time of the thermostatic mixing valve, and the distance from the same mixing valve to the showerhead. Changing the distances of these components to each other can give you your needed hot water under your desired time, preventing instances of unnecessary energy usage.

Utilising Timer-Switches

Another way of decreasing energy consumption in bathrooms is to utilise timer-switches. Timer-switches are normally installed and integrated on places that maximise huge energy-consuming devices. Homeowners can also use these devices if they are inclined towards saving both water and energy consumption whenever their families or guests use thermostatic showers. Timer-switches are great for monitoring the time allotted for taking a bath as well as the use of showers, which can be a great way of cutting energy costs and water consumption.

Integrating Heat Lamps

The presence of heat lamps in the bathroom, together with thermostatic showers, can save tons of energy. Not only heat lamps can provide great lighting to the bathroom, but they can also make the area comfortably warm. The principles of spot heating with heat lamps allow users of the shower to limit their time in consuming the water. These enhancements can likewise push users of the shower to just decrease the temperatures of their showers, which can already save a lot of water and energy.

Prioritising Maintenance

Thermostatic showers and other components may attain leaking or operation issues after using them for a long time. And if you noticed that there are issues regarding their daily operations, then you have to fix and repair them right away. Alternatively, if you want to avoid sudden repairs and expenses, then you may want to conduct regular preventive maintenance. Not only it can save you from sudden repairs and expenses, but it can also prevent wasting a lot of water, energy, time, and other resources.

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