Electric Shower vs. Mixer Shower

20 March 2014

Taking a shower is one of the most invigorating ways to start your day. Taking a shower is more convenient than taking a full bath, and it also helps the environment because you would be consuming only a small portion of the amount of water it would take to fill a tub. There are various types of showers in the market and we would like to discuss two of them.

Making your pick between an electric and mixer shower

Choosing the right shower setup for your home can a bit challenging, unless you are familiar with your home water system and you know how it functions. For instance, there are residential water systems that stock hot water inside tanks for staggered use over a period of time, while there are water heaters which only heat water if they are on demand.

Before choosing the shower that you will be buying, you need to decide first if you will be using your water system or not. There are houses that have high levels of water pressure and a high demand for hot water as well; while other households have hot water stored and they can run out quickly especially on specific times of the day such as the everyday morning rush. Knowing these key information and the kinds of shower available in the market can help you choose the right shower for you.

Electric Showers

If you do not have any plans of using your home hot water system, the electric shower would be the appropriate pick. These showers are available in different electrical power ratings which make it important for you to check your current electricity supply and make sure that they are well-matched with the electrical requirements of the shower before taking it home.

Electric showers are tremendously ideal for large households. They can heat cold water fast so you can stop worrying about ending up with cold water when it’s your turn to take a shower. Plus, some designs of electric showers can be extremely elegant.

Mixer Showers

If you decide to make use of your home hot water system, it would be best to use mixer showers instead in order to meet the hot supply that you need. Most mixer showers have been designed to work well with almost any water system and this includes combination boiler and gravity fed systems, as well as other high pressure systems.

Mixer showers have become very popular because of their dependability and stronger resistance to lime scale which makes it the most ideal option for families living in areas supplied by hard water. The mixer shower is designed to merge hot and cold water from various sources assuring that you get the right water temperature for your shower as long and as consistently as you want. Besides, thermostatic mixer showers have the capability to constantly track the water temperature and mix them just right in order to sustain a steady temperature even when another source of water is switched on in another part of the house. Without thermostatic shower mixers, you will most likely get the shock of your life from the instant spray of freezing cold water or scalding hot water.

There are two ways to install mixer showers. They can be concealed inside your walls or exposed with the pipes attached directly to your bathroom wall. The latter is easier to do and you can choose the positioning that is more convenient to you and your bathroom. Concealed mixer showers, on the other hand, are fitted into a space behind your wall. This offers a cleaner finish to your bathroom setup.

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