Experience Soothing Steam Showers with Mixermate Taps

20 November 2015

Steam showers are the best; especially after a long day of work. However, not every shower feels the same, some are better than others, because water temperature is never exactly the same every time. It makes sense once you think about it. Showers today have a hot water and cold water knob, and turning on one will produce only hot water or cold water. So, the trick is to turn on just enough hot water and cold water together, at the same time, to achieve the desired water temperature that is just right for you.

Unfortunately, if you like hot showers, then you know very well a person can injure themselves by turning the hot water on too much, too fast, and can get scalding burns. This is especially true with powerful water heater, it is not a good thing to happen – scalding burns, and juggling the hot water and cold water knobs, to get the right amount of hot and cold every time, becomes a science. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mixermate Taps Produces Soothing Steam Showers Every Time

Although, many people have learned to turn on the cold water first, before cranking up the hot water to get the right water temperature; which is definitely safer than turning the hot water on all the way and then adding cold water to it, there is an easier way to go about it. Thankfully, there is a better way to achieve steam showers safely using a Mixermate tap. What are Mixermate taps?

A Mixermate tap is a plumbing device that smartly combines the hot and cold faucet knobs into one – a lever that operates as both faucet knobs, to regulate residential water more efficiently. And, it remembers your last lever position, the one that gave you the best steam bath. That way, all your steam baths are the same; just the way you like it. Thanks to a Mixermate tap.

Now, when you turn on your shower or bath, the water doesn’t just blast out hot scalding water unexpectedly, and you don’t have to juggle between the cold water and hot water knobs spending time getting the right temperature. Although, the best feature of this plumbing device may just be the easy-use lever-arm that controls the water flow and temperature.

It can be effortlessly adjusted with just one hand, which leaves your other hand free to stabilise yourself while entering your bathtub or shower, making Mixermate taps a ‘handy’ home safety feature.

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