Easy to use water taps can be yours today

12 March 2015

If you are looking for up to date, easy to use water taps that are noninvasive when it comes to instillation then Mixermate is the answer. This is a highly reputable company that knows talk is cheap. They will show you through their professional services how easy getting these easy to use water taps can be. You are not paying for unnecessary plumbing costs either, because there is no tile removal during the process of replacing your old water taps. The great thing is most jobs can be completed in an hour.

There is no expensive drilling, no more washer changes and no tile removal. Mixermate’s easy instillation makes the entire job more cost effective. You never sacrifice quality to get these affordable prices either. They have cut out all of the unnecessary charges to fit you with these easy to use taps at a reasonable cost for any budget.

Whether you or someone that you love suffers from an ailment that limits usability in their hands or you just want easier to use more up to date water taps Mixermate has you covered. These are water saving taps, so you will also be doing your part to preserve our precious water resources. All of the fittings are Australian made, and your existing plumbing can be used.

These wall mounts are suitable for the bath, shower, sink, basin or laundry cover to name a few. They also come in a variety of shades like chrome, ivory, stainless and white. The cover can also serve as a shelf to house shampoos and personal products, so you are getting the best of both worlds. Who doesn’t love multifunction?

Getting the perfect temperature has never been easier. Mixermate can eliminate the need to separately adjust the hot and cold water to get that perfect water temperature by getting a preset temp that is custom set just for you. This can be used as a safety feature in the home with small children or as a way to simply be more efficient.

So, if you or someone you love will benefit from these modernised, easy to use and customisation water taps give Mixermate a call today. While they are spectacular for people with handicaps, they are also great for any home in convenience and practicality. They offer modernisation, versatility and style to any space. They blend beautifully and seamlessly with any d├ęcor. Customer service is impeccable, and professionalism is guaranteed.

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