Easy To Use Mixermate Thermostatic Showers are Good for People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

30 June 2017

A simple activity like showering can become a difficult and dangerous task for people with carpal tunnel syndrome. Tingling, numbness, and weakness in the hand are caused by pressure on a person’s median nerve on the wrist – a small space in the wrist that includes tendons that run from the hand down to the forearm called the carpal tunnel – and it controls feeling and movement of the thumb and the first three fingers.

For obvious reasons; swelling, tingling, loss of strength and pain in the hands and wrists caused by carpal tunnel syndrome makes it very difficult indeed to take a shower using traditional shower taps. This is because traditional showers have two separate knobs for both the hot and cold water, and these require twisting and turning of the knobs to control water flow, which is not only difficult for those with carpal tunnel syndrome, but can be painful as well.

Not only do people suffering from carpal tunnel have difficulty taking a shower with traditional shower taps, but the inability to turn off the water quickly places them at risk of scalding when water temperature fluctuates or changes quickly and unexpectedly. Thankfully, there is a better, safer, and easier bathing option available for those with carpal tunnel syndrome – Mixermate thermostatic showers.

Compared to traditional shower taps, Mixermate thermostatic showers are easy to use and makes showering safer too. For those new to thermostatic showers, it will be quickly understood why these are becoming increasingly popular as the shower taps of choice.

Mixermate Thermostatic Showers for People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Mixermate thermostatic showers are popular because they have advantages over the traditional shower. With only one lever to easily turn on and off water, it is ideal not only for those wrestling with carpal tunnel syndrome, but also for elderly and small children too. When compare to the twisting rotary controls of a traditional shower, there is really no comparison of the ease of use.

Thermostatic showers not only make turning off the water easy by using one lever, but these also have the ability to automatically control water temperature to prevent scalding, and, doctors highly recommend these for people with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Considering the benefits of Mixermate thermostatic mixers; one lever easily controls water flow and an automatic temperature regulator to prevent scalding, making it safer to shower for those with carpal tunnel syndrome, elderly, and small children to take a shower, it is no wonder why it is the preferred bathing option over standard showers.

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