Easy-install Mixer Taps: Popular Options to Choose From

25 January 2024

Explore a wide range of popular options for easy-install mixer taps at Mixermate Australia. Upgrade your space with these fixtures. Call (03) 9583 0965.

It’s important to pay attention to the little things, including choosing the right mixer tap, whether you’re making your dream kitchen from scratch or just renovating your bathroom. It’s not just about how much water flows; it’s also about style, ease of use, and functionality. But there are so many choices, how do you begin? In this blog, we will take the mystery out of mixer taps by showing you the different kinds and what makes each one special. Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a DIY enthusiast, keep reading to learn how to add a touch of style and functionality to your home with the right mixer tap.

•  Single Lever Mixer Taps: Embrace simplicity in modern designs with these taps, featuring a singular lever for easy control of water flow and temperature. Ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms, their sleek appearance adds a touch of elegance.

•  Dual Lever Mixer Taps: Offering a nod to traditional design, dual lever mixer taps boast separate levers for precise control over hot and cold water. Prioritising functionality, they are perfect for those who appreciate a classic aesthetic without compromising on usability.

•  Monobloc Mixer Taps: Streamlined and space-saving, monobloc mixer taps feature a single-block design, incorporating one or two levers for water control. Versatile for both kitchens and bathrooms, these taps marry simplicity with a user-friendly design.

•  Filter Taps: Elevate your tap experience with filter taps equipped with an in-built filtration system. Providing clean, fresh drinking water by eliminating impurities, these taps are an eco-conscious choice, reducing plastic usage and ensuring a purified water supply.

•  Wall-Mounted Taps: Opt for a clutter-free sink area with the minimalist appeal of wall-mounted basin taps. Directly attached to the wall, they offer a modern look while optimising counter space, making them an excellent choice for a sleek and uncluttered appearance.

•  Pull-Out Taps: Seamlessly blending functionality and convenience, pull-out mixer taps feature a detachable spout that can be extended as needed. Particularly advantageous in kitchens, these taps make tasks like dish rinsing and pot-filling effortless, adding a practical touch to your daily routines.

What Makes Mixer Taps an Easy-to-Install Option

Mixer taps are renowned for their straightforward installation, primarily due to their single-hole design and integrated structure. With most mixer taps requiring only a single hole in the sink or countertop, the plumbing connections become significantly simplified. The integrated design, incorporating the spout and mixing handles into a cohesive unit, eliminates the need for multiple components, streamlining the installation process. Additionally, the inclusion of flexible connectors or hoses in many mixer taps further facilitates easy and efficient connections, making them an accessible and hassle-free option for homeowners seeking a quick and uncomplicated installation.

The seamless installation of mixer taps stands out as a key advantage for homeowners seeking convenience without compromising functionality and design. The single-hole design, integrated structure, and flexible connectors make the installation process straightforward, even for those with minimal plumbing experience. When you’re remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, consider the effortless installation and versatile designs offered by mixer taps. Our premium range of mixer taps from Mixermate Australia will make your space look better and work better. Explore our range today to take the first step towards an easy upgrade.

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