Don’t Get Scalded, Use Mixermate!!! Because Your Safety and Health Matters

25 February 2021

There are a lot of home properties that utilise water heaters to accommodate their hot bath or shower needs. While these heaters can truly provide the needed water temperatures of home occupants, they can sometimes fail and lead to health risks and issues.

One of the issues that can be obtained from hot water exposure is scalding. Scalding is a thermal burn that is obtained from heated or hot fluids. A lot of scalds instances have generated first- or second-degree burns. But with prolonged contact with boiling water or steam, a person can easily obtain third-degree burns, which can affect not just the skin but also the underlying bones, muscles, and tendons.

The Dangers of Boiling Water

Injuries related to boiling water can happen to anyone. However, children, elderly people, and those with disabilities are much vulnerable to the dangers and risks of hot or boiling water since they might not react or move quickly enough as they come into contact with it.

While hot water can be truly helpful in controlling Legionella bacteria as well as providing health benefits to people, it can also cause scalds that can be truly dangerous for a lot of people. Most incidents that are related to hot water exposure happen during bathing or showering. Given the overall condition of the bathrooms during these activities, people who are shocked by the sudden flow of boiling water can fall and bump their heads to hard surfaces. Burn injuries and scalding can also be caused by hot showers, especially with waters that exceed 43°C.

Preventing Scald Incidents

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that you can do to prevent scald incidents. First, you should test out the water temperature first before completely taking a bath or washing your hands. Letting the water run for a few seconds allow the water heater to adjust the temperature to the optimal level. Adjustments can, after all, be done if the water temperature does not match your preferred settings.

Setting the water heater thermostat to a tolerable temperature might also be helpful in preventing scald incidents. Likewise, the installation of anti-scald devices on water taps and showerheads can be done so that they can easily turn off the water once its temperature becomes too hot.

Passive devices like thermostatic mixing valves can also be used to avoid and prevent scald injuries. And if you need to obtain these types of products, then we, at Mixermate Australia, got you covered.

Choose Mixermate Products

Your safety and health truly matter, which is why we offer products that can help prevent scald injuries. Our Mixermate thermostatic mixing valves and showers are capable of not only protecting you from injuries and accidents, but they can also help in saving water and expenses. They are also designed to prevent any water flow and temperature fluctuations. Likewise, they can be controlled easily by anyone.


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