Convenience and Safety with Mixer Mate

17 February 2014

Imagine taking a shower where you can fully control the mixture of hot and cold water and even its pressure. This is possible with a thermostatic shower mixer. With it, the temperature blending process can be done manually or automatically, and the temperature runs through the shower head is consistently maintained by the thermostats.

The Mixer Mate is a very convenient feature that allows users to regulate water temperature. The gadget works by continuously monitoring and by shutting down the entry of cold water the moment it gets too cold, and does the same with hot water when it reaches an unbearable state. It is the best automated way to maintain a steady temperature in the thermostatic mixer shower, despite the disproportions that occur within the water supply. The changes in the pressures and water volume are detected by mixer mate early on. A consistent water temperature assures a more pleasant shower experience, since there will be no unanticipated temperature surge in the supply of shower water.

Based on a recent survey, there are nearly twenty three million incidences of accidental bathroom injuries brought about by falls, and a great number of these tumbles can be attributed to scalds from abrupt changes in the temperature of shower water. With thermostatic valves installed in your shower systems, you will be able to set limits on the maximum temperature of your shower water. In most models, there are built-in features that prevent the temperatures to exceeding 100°C.

One of the most important components in the shower system is the mixing valve. Another equally important part of the entire setup is control of the temperature. The thermostatic mixing valve has the capacity to efficiently and easily manage both requirements for control and safety. With a single valve, the temperature of the water in the shower can be easily managed depending on the make and arrangement of the valve. It is a simple manual process of regulating the pressure and temperature of the water by turning the lever. With the mixer mate, you have complete control of the temperature and pressure of the water with nominal effort.

Mixer mate allows you to accurately monitor and adjust the heat and coldness of your water shower up to a half of a degree of your required of temperature. The gadget is able to measure the water temperature using sensors installed within the mixing chamber, and the moment alterations in the temperature are identified and detected, valves can be immediately adjusted in order to fine-tune the flow of water to get the intended temperature balance The mechanism guarantees that the temperature of the water is always within your desired range.

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