Cold showers are great for elderly people; here’s why

08 April 2015

Cold showers are very beneficial to elderly people and everyone else for that matter. They just help you stay healthier. They keep you looking young, and there are some amazing benefits that come from taking a cold shower every morning. This is not to say that you cannot have a tad of warm water added to the cold water. After all, this is not a torture technique.

You want it just cold enough that is not uncomfortable, but not so warm that it is indulgent. You should have a brief moment of your skin needing to adjust for it to truly be cold enough to be the most effective. You can start off taking your ordinary showers and end them with a few minutes of colder water and work your way up to taking full baths in the coldest temperature that works for you.

Optimally, you will always start out with a warmer shower ending with a cooler one. Some professionals even say switching back and forth during the shower process better aids to more enhanced circulation. Whichever method you decide will be best for you will work fine.

When you start adding this cold water routine to your daily hygiene agenda then you will maximise your health benefits in circulation, great skin, healthy hair and enhanced mental wellbeing just to name a few. Cold showers ward off hypertension, varicose veins and hardened arteries as well as increase overall performance of the circulatory system in general.

Let’s take a closer look at why cold showers are so beneficial.

Your circulation is essential to good health on many levels. Your circulatory system is managed by your heart, and it is the transporter of your cells, plasma, hormones and more. The circulatory system also plays a vital role in stem cell transport, and at capillary levels it moves the body’s nutrients to where they need to be. Minerals, vitamins and amino acids are also transported to name a few. Oxygen is released and carbon dioxide is removed. In a nutshell good circulation helps every gland and organ in your entire body.

Ever notice that your skin will look red or darker after a hot or warm water bath? This is because the warmer the water the more blood that rushes to the skin. Now, cooler water on the other hand makes that blood rush to your organs. So, when you switch between the two you are greatly increasing circulation to the skin and organs.

When it comes to your skin it is no secret that warm water opens the pores. Well, cold water tightens them. This leaves your skin looking and feeling healthier and tighter. You should clean with warm water and rinse with cold for beautiful skin all over your body. It seems to literally turn back the clock. This is because blood vessels are stimulated and you are left with a youthful glow.

Where your hair is concerned cold water leaves it shiny and healthy. Like the pores of your skin, it closes the cuticles on the hair. This not only makes it look healthier but it also becomes stronger. Your hair stays cleaner longer, and your hair won’t come out as easy. This is a great natural way to fight against hair loss too. Cold showers really are a great tool.

Even mentally you will reap the benefits of cold showers. The Misogi warriors used to use iced cold water as a ritual of spiritual purification many years ago. It definitely gets you up and going when you start the day off with a cold shower with more vigour and increased overall energy. Cold showers help you feel invigourated and make you feel more alive. They can even make you feel better when you are feeling a little bleak. They fight against depression and several other unfortunate bring me downs.

Again, you do not have to hop into an all-out cold shower to reap the benefits. Take your normal shower. You can either switch back and forth between your regular temp and cold blasts or you can end your normal shower with a few minutes of as cold as tolerable water. Make sure that there is a need for the skin to adjust for it to truly work, because a bit of “shock” is exactly what your skin needs to reap the maximum benefits.

Cold showers, whether throughout your shower or at the end of it, should be pleasurable, so don’t make it an uncomfortable experience. Also remember, anyone can enjoy the benefits and the great feeling a cold shower will bring no matter their age.

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