Choose Thermostatic Showers and Taps for Bathroom Redesign

11 October 2016

It is an exciting time to redesign a bathroom, as there are so many decorating options available today to choose from. Things like ceiling lighting, wall colour, style of sink basin, cabinet design, toilet type, and flooring options, and when combined together during a redesign, can transform your bathroom into a beautiful, comfortable, and functional room for everyone in the house.

Aesthetics aside, functionality should always be the main focus of any bathroom design, or redesign, especially in retirement homes, or for families that have small children in the house. When it comes to showers and sink basins, it is recommended to install thermostatic showers and taps for bathrooms where elderly folks and small children live, as these are not only functional, but also make the bathroom a safer place.

Thermostatic Showers and Taps for Bathroom Redesign are Functional and Safe

How do thermostatic showers and taps make your bathroom safer? These control the flow and temperature of the water in the shower and sinks, thus ensuring that water never gets too hot to harm the sensitive skin of young children, as well as older adults. As people age, skin sensitivity becomes more noticeable, and taking a bath or shower can be very uncomfortable, to say the least, especially when water temperature is too hot.

In fact, it can be very painful if water gets too hot and unexpectedly spews out from a shower head, especially if it is scalding hot water! Skin burns caused by scalding water is very painful, but these do happen to both elderly folks and children because standard showers and taps take too long to turn off the flow of water, and people can’t get out of the way fast enough to avoid being scalded.

Most taps require a person to turn and twist two separate faucet knobs to turn on and off the water, as well as to adjust water temperature – a process that takes too long, especially when scalding water is flowing out of a shower head. This is exactly why people experience burns from scalding hot water because they couldn’t turn off the water in time, or accurately control the water temperature.

Thermostatic showers and taps for bathrooms solves this problem. With only one handle to turn on and off water flow, and settings that control temperature of water, these are functional, easy to use, and prevent scalding from occurring. Basically, making your home safer.

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