Burn and Scald Prevention Tips during Bath Time

25 January 2022

Taking a hot bath can bring a lot of benefits to your body. First, it can easily lower your blood sugar and blood pressure. It can likewise relieve muscle tension, moisturise your skin, improve blood circulation, help relieve cold or flu symptoms, reduce headaches, and help you fall asleep faster.

All the benefits and advantages of taking a hot bath can surely make your body much healthier and livelier. However, if the water released from your shower tap is too hot, your body may suffer from several injuries instead of taking in the previously stated benefits. Some of the injuries expected when exposed to extremely hot water are burns and scalds.

Primary Dangers of Burns and Scalds

Burns and scalds are skin damages that are normally caused by too much heat. Burns are caused by dry heat such as an iron or fire. Scalds, alternatively, are triggered by something wet like hot water or steam.

Burns and scalds may differ, but they are treated similarly since they generate the same effects on one’s body. Some of the effects of burns and scalds are red or peeling skin, blisters, and swelling. The pain on the skin does not depend on how serious the burn or scald is. But once the pain is present, it can truly make one’s life miserable for a very long time.

Given the dangers of burns and scalds, you and others must be very careful when opting for a hot bath or shower. Fortunately, there are various ways on how to make your bath time enjoyable and safe.

Tips on Preventing Burns and Scalds

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous tips on making your bath time enjoyable and safe from burns and scalds. Some of these tips are as follows.

  • Set the Maximum Temperature: One tip that you can do to prevent burns and scalds during bath time is to set your maximum water temperature to the recommended level. Setting your water temperature to 48 degrees Celsius can ensure that burns and scalds will be prevented effectively. Once the temperature exceeds this level, you and others must not take a bath first.
  • Check the Water Temperature: Before taking a bath, you and others must check the temperature first. You can do this by checking the water with the inside of your wrist. Your hot bath should feel warm to the touch. If it is scorching hot, you must wait first until its temperature has decreased.
  • Install Thermostatic Mixing Valves– Another tip that you can do to prevent burns and scalds is to install thermostatic mixing valves. What is great about these fittings is that they can effectively balance the water temperatures of your shower. Once they have detected that the water temperature is too hot, they will automatically shut down the water supply.

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