Benefits of Mixermate Wall Kitchen Mixer

11 April 2016

Household tools and equipment are supposed to make life easier, but many do not function as well as they look. Functionality is the key that drives consumers to products that are useful and helpful, things that make life easier. For example, imagine the lifestyle of people a hundred years ago, when everything was done manually, chores such as pitching water that required using a bucket or a bowl to take a shower, or to wash dishes.

Thankfully, taking a shower and bathing is ‘much’ easier today, that is for sure, because now there are a lot of mechanical, electrical and automatic tools and equipment that make almost everything a whole lot easier, like taking a shower. One great example is the thermostatic tap, it has one easy-to-use lever that allows people to not only turn on the water, but to also adjust the hot and cold water flowing out of it, with just a single finger.

Mixermate Thermostatic taps are the best way to take a ‘safe’ shower, by changing the hard to use older style taps that separately control the hot and cold water flow, and combining them. This helps prevent the possibility of people getting burned unexpectedly by scalding hot water. But, thermostatic taps can be used anywhere in the house, not just in the bathroom.

Many kitchens today have now switched to a Mixermate wall kitchen mixer, because it is easy to use and very helpful, especially for people with arthritis or other limiting ailment that makes turning old hot and cold faucet knobs on and off separately difficult.

What is a Mixermate Wall Kitchen Mixer?

Basically, it is specially designed equipment for controlling water flow, it not only works as a faucet, but also regulates water temperature effectively and safely. Now, you can adjust the hotness or coldness of water depending on your needs, and, you can do it with only one hand. For this very reason, thermostatic mixers are now commonly found in hotels, restaurants and condominiums. In fact, many homeowners are now installing these and saving money at the same time.

Because there is no need to alter your plumbing system, break any tiles, or drill any holes in the walls, installing a Mixermate Wall Kitchen Mixer is much cheaper than opting for traditional taps. If you are looking for a thermostatic mixer tap for your bathroom or kitchen, to make your life easier, then Mixermate is exactly the thermostatic tap you are looking for.

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