Bathroom Taps and Shower Mixer Taps: Tips in Proper Care and Maintenance

29 January 2016

Bathroom taps and shower mixer taps have become quite popular of late, replacing the more conventional, and somewhat outdated, hot-and-cold water taps of years ago. Mixer taps offer a number of benefits that old-fashioned hot-and-cold taps simply do not have. But, thanks to the ongoing innovations associated with their manufacture, mixer taps have even progressed beyond the initial use for bathroom applications and have become an integral part of everyday plumbing in the kitchen as well.

Nowadays, shower mixer taps have become just about as popular as the mixer taps for sinks, replacing the old-fashioned dual-faucet faucet taps of older houses, and even sometimes thoroughly replacing the somewhat dated, and now inconvenient contrivance called the ‘dish washer’.

Thanks to its unique capacity to provide a consistent flow of water, at specific temperatures from room temperature, hot and piping hot, which can be changed depending upon the individual’s specific needs, homeowners and property managers are choosing Mixermate shower mixer taps.

Because of the consistent temperature of water that can be controlled, shower mixer taps have now become nearly indispensable in every bathroom, these are a good investment that you can enjoy every day; getting the shower water temperature perfect, every time.

Because of its sheer versatility however, most kitchen mixed taps sustain a frequent amount of wear and tear thanks to constant use. There are number of ways that you can prolong the life and overall usability of your kitchen taps, in order to prevent or delay expensive replacement or costly repairs. Like any tap, mixer taps need to be checked regularly for leaks or signs of corrosion or calcification.

All Mixermate mixer taps are made from non-corrosive material and can easily be cleaned with the various chemical compounds and cleaning agents often used in most kitchen settings. Regular general maintenance should ensure that any calcification or corrosion is kept at bay, and this involves good old-fashioned elbow grease. Although bathroom taps and shower mixer taps are used daily, these need to be scrubbed and cleaned regularly to prevent corrosion, mold or mildew from forming.

Fortunately, Mixermate shower mixer taps are easy to clean, easy to use with only a single lever, and it’s easy to install, because it doesn’t require drilling into walls and removing tiles. In fact, shower mixer taps can be installed and ready to use in about an hour, and are ideal for people with low hand function or that are living with arthritis.

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