Bath shower mixers

06 February 2014

More and more homes have been equipping their bathrooms with features that ensure safety and heighten comfort. Among these enhancements are bath shower mixers. Shower mixers provide you the convenience of mixing hot and cold water to your desired temperature setting. With bath shower mixers, you can prevent scalding accidents. Plus, you are given other features of convenience that are not available with other shower heads.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to purchasing excellent household fixtures and appliances with the objective of making their homes more comfortable and convenient to live in, as well as boost its real estate market value. High quality bathroom equipment such as shower mixers are top picks. A lot of homeowners furnish their bathrooms with showers mixers because these items are considered cost-effective toilet solutions.

Buying the right shower mixer can be quite a challenge since there are a number of designs and types of showers heads and other accessories to choose from. It is important to choose a shower that matches your heating and plumbing systems. If you live in a house where hot water is already made available, you may want to go for a shower mixer that has the ability to combine hot and cold water. Thermostatic shower mixers can get rid of temperature fluctuations thanks to its thermostatic temperature control options. This makes these units safe for the entire family. Bathroom shower mixers are ideal for homes equipped with combination boilers, high pressure and gravity-fed heating systems.

Shower mixers combine hot and cold water from different sources. Once the favoured temperature controls are set, these gadgets will ensure that the water that comes out is at your desired temperature. You do not have to, every now and then, keep on adjusting the controls in order to achieve the coolness or warmth that you want. This type of convenience offers you full enjoyment of your showering experience, devoid of distractions.

Along with convenience, shower mixers that have been designed with thermostatic controls can ensure your safety while showering. These showers are controlled using a thermostatic valve and they have been designed with safety-cut-off features that automatically shut off the device whenever hot or cold feed fail. This prevents a situation where too cold or too hot water drenches you out of the shower. You can now stop worrying about being scalded by extremely hot water.

Showers are designed to uniformly spray water to the entire body, not like taps. Because of this, it is important to make sure that the shower water is not too hot, or not too cold. Shower mixers are a good choice for the kid’s bathrooms because children are less skilful at mixing water, which makes them more prone to accidents.

Mixer showers come in various colours but the most popular is chrome because it has the benefit of being able to easily match with any decoration in any bathroom. They usually come with other chrome accessories. Shower mixers can add a modern dimension to the bathroom.

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