Basin Mixer Taps: Make This a Part of Your Home Remodel

07 March 2017

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or outside BBQ area; you will eventually need to choose a sink tap. It sounds easy, but there is actually much to consider, especially when it comes to the cost of installation. While there are many types of basin taps available today their function is basically to funnel water from under the sink to above your basin.

Aesthetics aside, basin taps are a true necessity in any modern home, which is why considering the needs of the family during your home remodeling project should be the main deciding factor when choosing tapware for the kitchen or bathroom.

Choose Basin Mixer Taps for Your Home Remodeling Project

Bathroom basin taps are typically used the most in a house, and it is here that making a decision about the type of tap is important. When it comes to the bathroom and kitchen taps, functionality is most important feature, next to safety. Overall, basin mixer taps are the best because these are not only extremely functional, but they also ensure that your family is safe from the risk of getting burned by scolding water.

A single lever basin mixer tap is the most functional because it eliminates the chore of needing to hand-mix the hot and cold water by twisting individual knobs. Instead, only one easy to use lever is needed to turn on the water and to balance water temperature effectively, which makes it very easy for both young and old to use. Also, basin mixer taps can be set to prevent scolding water from unexpectedly spewing out, which is a truly important safety feature that should be included in every bathroom of the house.

Use Mixermate Basin Mixer Taps for Your Home Remodel Project

Mixermate basin mixer taps have many benefits, such as they have an easy to use single lever to adjust water temperature, the ability to preset water temperature so that you get the same water temperature every time, and, they are low maintenance and very easy to install. In fact, these basin mixer taps can be installed in an hour’s time, without having to drill any holes, remove tiles, or alter your bathroom because they fit over existing plumbing.

This makes Mixermate tapware a very attractive option, especially in homes with small children and elderly, and for families with budget limitations, as the ease of installation saves a lot of money.

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