Basin Mixer Tap: What to Consider Before Buying One?

21 November 2022

Basin mixer taps are, as their name implies, taps that are perfect for washbasins. They give hot and cold water from a single spout with the proper water pressure. Basin mixer taps come in two main categories. One has a single handle to mix warm and cold water, while the more conventional basin set has two handles to mix the water.

Choosing the right basin mixer tap is essential if you want to enjoy the overall experience of remodelling or expanding your bathroom. At times, the sheer number of options might be daunting. Mixermate Australia will help you understand what to look for when choosing a bathroom basin mixer and assist you in deciding which basin mixer tap to buy if you have analysis paralysis. You have a variety of options when it comes to basin mixer taps. Among the common varieties are:

  • Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap
  • Small Basin Mixer Tap
  • Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap
  • Tall Basin Mixer Tap

What to Consider Before Buying a Basin Mixer Tap?

To help you choose the right basin mixer tap, you need to consider the following first:


Pricing is one of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a basin mixer tap. Think about the things you can easily afford from the list of options your budget permits you to buy.

The Style of the Product

Another important consideration to keep in mind when choosing a basin mixer tap is the product’s style. You won’t appreciate the experience if the overall design doesn’t go well with the bathroom’s overall aesthetic or design.

Style and Convenience 

Mixer taps come in a wide variety of designs, which can occasionally be confusing. Select the ideal tap based on your preferences and needs. In the long run, the convenience of using the mixer tap will be more important than aesthetics, so search for the perfect harmony of both.

Warranties and Customer Service

If the product you purchased does not have a customer-friendly warranty policy, you will be on your own if a problem arises and you need to use the warranty. When purchasing a product, consider the company’s reputation as well because a business that values its clients will consider the quality of its offerings and the products it sells.


Saving the resources, we have access to and cutting back on waste are imperative in today’s modern world. Check if the item you want is WELS approved and has a flow limiter, which will help you conserve water and prevent water waste. A cost-effective basin mixer tap can lower your costs by enabling you to conserve water.

We hope this guide helped you decide on the best basin mixer tap by knowing what to consider before buying one. If you are now ready to buy a mixer tap for your kitchen or bathroom, Mixermate Australia offers a wide variety of high-quality tapware products for you to choose from. We also supply easy-to-use anti-scald tapware ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, retirement villages and private homes. Contact us at (03) 9583 0965 today!

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