Anti-scald Taps: How Warm Water Can Help Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain

09 December 2019

Most people enjoy taking a warm bath after a day filled with work and activities. Who doesn’t want a refreshing dip and a cleansing of accumulated dirt from the outside? Even so, taking a bath can relax us in a way that makes us go to sleep right after visiting our bathrooms.

The rise of hot tubs came from the common knowledge that warm water can alleviate health conditions. With repeated warm or hot water bath and shower, the aches, stiffness, and fatigue that you feel will be lessened as the days go by. This basic knowledge came from our ancestors; where taking a warm water bath can surely help us feel healthier and livelier.

How Warm Water Relive Pain

The pain that you sometimes feel comes from long hours of work or training every day. This specific pain may be joint or muscle pain, which is very common for adults who are working every day. Aside from long hours of work, some adults may even experience pain out of doing household chores and others.

What makes a warm water bath a good practice for you is that you can simply try it in own home. With anti-scald taps and showers, the water coming out won’t cause any burning-like issues on your body. Even without the consultation of any doctors, there’s no evident harm in trying warm water when taking a shower. A lot of people are getting a warm water bath every time they enter the bathroom as part of their regular daily routine.

Scientific studies show that warm water can relieve the pain of some sort, be it a joint pain or muscle pain. The soothing capabilities of a warm water bath is possible because the warm water can ease muscle tension. The warm water can also relieve pressure on the surrounding nerves, joints, and blood vessels of your body. All these wonders of warm water can help people who are experiencing any types of pain in the body.

Aside from alleviating pain, the warm water combined with the buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure can encourage body movement. By lessening one’s body weight, the warm water can help people to move their joints more freely and move with a vast range of motion. Warm water has the adequate amount of viscosity that provides a natural resistance training to the movement of your body. Moreover, a warm water bath can maintain and improve the cardiovascular system of your body. With the improvement of this system, your body can be strengthened reducing the chances of getting any type of pain.

Ways to Enjoy Warm Water

You can do a lot of things to enjoy the warm water from your anti-scald taps and showers. Just remember that you must maintain the water temperature of 92 to 100 degrees if you want to take a warm water bath. Water that is too hot may cause problems with people who have cardiovascular difficulties.

When taking a shower, it is important that you move your body to get the most benefits warm water can provide. Warm water can stimulate healthy blood flow to stiff muscles and frozen joints, so do some gentle stretching while taking a bath. If you have low back pain, just trap a tennis ball between the small of your back and the bottom or back of the tub. Then, lean to the ball and roll it against painful muscles.

If you want to have added benefits out of your warm bath, then add some magnesium sulphate crystals on your bath. This element can boost your magnesium levels for up to 35 percent, which can be helpful for the health of your bones and heart.

Having your anti-scald tap can help you heal from any muscle and joint pains. If you want to know more options for this kind of tap, then contact us now at Mixermate.

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