Advantages of Mixermate Taps versus Regular Taps

14 July 2020

For many years, homeowners have opted to regular taps since they are functional and can already meet the demands of most households. However, some people might find it difficult to access this type of taps because of health reasons, while others find it inconvenient to wait for the water to change its temperature.

Fortunately, Mixermate taps are now available for households to install. This type of tap replaces a two-tap system that is wasteful for the water supply. Instead, Mixermate taps utilise a single lever mixer system that can be installed over an existing tapware. To date, these taps can be used for tap system found on bathrooms, shower areas, and laundry areas. They can also effectively work with a thermostatic shower mixer for better temperature control.

Given these features, here are some advantages of Mixermate taps when compared to regular taps.

Sleek and Modern Design

Mixermate taps are crafted by professionals who know how modern homes look like. These taps can even enhance the looks of a bathroom or shower area since they are minimalist, innovative, and elegant. Aside from being innovative, another great thing about these taps is that they only consume less space, making them suitable for any home areas. The overall appearance and ergonomics of Mixermate taps make them easily accessible and deeply appreciated by many people.

Exceptional Functionality

The single-lever mixer system of Mixermate taps makes them more beneficial and advantageous than regular taps. Together with a thermostatic mixer, this tap will enable users to seamlessly control both the temperature and pressure of the water through the help of the single lever. The water temperature that you truly need can also be released instantly with Mixermate taps. Regular taps, on the other hand, would typically take a few minutes just to set everything out.

Free from Health Risk

The ability of Mixermate taps to effectively control the water temperature one wants to obtain makes them safe for daily use of anyone. Most people tend to get skin injuries from taps that suddenly release burning hot or cold water, which can trigger scalding or a form of thermal burn. With Mixermate taps, any instances of scalding can be reduced significantly.

Huge Guaranteed Savings

Since you do not have to maintain separate taps for your hot and cold water, you are now guaranteed to obtain huge savings for water bills. Even the repairs and maintenance will be much cheaper since you just have to deal with your single Mixermate tap. With this tap, the need two install and repair two or more regular taps will be eliminated. Even the energy bills will decrease if ever you will be incorporating Mixermate taps with your existing thermostatic mixers.

Installing Mixermate taps in exchange for your regular taps can certainly help you save money, avoid injuries, and obtain easy water access. To have your Mixermate taps, just give us a call at Mixermate Australia.

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