A Brief Installation Guide for Your Brand New Mixermate Shower

25 June 2021

Thermostatic showers are being used by many properties today due to their accompanying benefits. They can maintain the temperature of the water being released throughout their usage. These fittings can likewise ensure that the water flow will be stopped once the water temperature has not reached the preferred temperature of the property owners, preventing any scalding incidents.

Given the benefits of thermostatic showers, we, at Mixermate Australia, saw the need to release Mixermate thermostatic showers. Catering to tons of households, hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities, and retirement villages, our showers can provide all the benefits that have been previously mentioned.

If you will be purchasing Mixermate showers, then here are some installation steps that you should follow.

Turn off Water and Remove Old Fittings

Since you will be replacing your old shower fitting with the new one, you must ensure that your water supply will be turned off. Once the water supply is turned off, you must remove the old tap, including the washers and other associated components. Subsequently, you should clean the tap seats with reseating tools so they can be suitable for the O-ring.

Fit the O-Ring and Locking Nut Fittings

After reseating the tap seats, you must now fit the 2-piece O-ring and locking nut fittings with the copper tubes. The copper tubes, at this point, should protrude out of the wall and be installed in each tap hole. You must then measure the copper tubes by at least 30mm off the wall, cut out the excess, ream out the cut ends, and ensure that no fillings will be left.

Once the copper tubes are cut out, you must install them again to the tap holes. The 2-piece O-ring and locking nut fittings must then be reinstalled. The 2-piece O-ring should have a small amount of O-ring lube before installation. The thread, alternatively, must be roughed up on the locking nut. Around 6 loops of white Teflon tape must be added to the thread before tightening the locking nut onto the O-ring fitting.

Measure and Install the Mixermate Tap

The next step for the Mixermate tap installation is to measure the Mixermate tap before its installation. You must centre the tap between the copper tubes that are already installed and mark the copper tube out of the tap. The marking must be 10mm back from the centre of the copper coming out of the wall. Once marked, the excess copper must be cut, reamed out, and free from any fillings.

Teflon tape, at this point, must be used to tape over and around the copper olives. The elbows must then be tightened onto the copper tube of the Mixermate tap. Subsequently, the mixer must be installed onto its intended position by tightening the other elbow nuts. Once the Mixermate tap is in the position, you must ensure that it is in the off position before turning the water supply back on. The cover can then be installed once the wall is cleaned. Silicone should be used to secure the cover to the wall.

The final steps would involve fitting the shower hose, installing the mixer handle, and installing the shower cradle. The finished product is expected to be easy to use and can function effectively.

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