A Brief Comparison between Single Lever and Mixer Taps

06 January 2022

Home properties will never be complete without a bathroom. A bathroom is integral to home properties and even other buildings since it allows people to become clean and hygienic. It likewise provides people with a place to relax whenever they take a shower or bath.

A bathroom, however, can only carry out its primary functions if it is equipped with various important elements. Some of the elements that it should possess are the toilet, bathroom vanities, and floor and wall tiles. But one more element that a bathroom should have is the tap.

A tap, which includes its compatible fittings, must be considered as it enables people to take a bath or shower. It also allows people to wash their hands or faces. Two types of taps that can be maximised by property owners today are single lever and mixer taps.

Single Lever Taps

Single lever taps are taps that only maximise one lever in controlling the temperature and flow of the water. Usually, these taps can produce progressively colder water as the lever is turned to the right. Alternatively, property owners can expect progressively hot water as the lever is turned to the left. The temperatures of the water can be pre-set by the lever on the side, which can help prevent scalding incidents. As for the water flow, the higher the lever is lifted, the stronger the water flow will be.

What is great about single lever taps is that they are easy to use. Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities can all control the temperature and flow of their water without any issues. Another great thing about single lever taps is that they often come in a wide array of designs and finishes. And as mentioned before, single lever taps can prevent scalding issues from occurring once people use them.

Most single lever taps are installed on bathroom basins. However, they can also be maximised in shower areas and bathroom spaces.

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps, alternatively, are taps that may maximise one or more levers in controlling the water flow and temperatures. They can also be integrated with traditional taps to turn the water supply on and off. What is unique about mixer taps is that they can be integrated with thermostats, which are components that can ensure water temperatures will stay on the predetermined levels of the user. The hot and cold water of these taps are generally released on the same opening or spout.

These taps can be maximised in any part of the bathroom thanks to their water-saving functions. With the presence of thermostats, users can obtain the needed water temperatures without any waiting times. And since these taps can release the needed water immediately, the water usage of properties is expected to decrease significantly. Mixer taps can also have a wide array of colours and designs.

Some styles of mixer taps include three-hole mixer taps and monobloc mixer taps. Three-hole mixer taps have separate taps and one spout, while monobloc mixer taps combine everything on one tap body.

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