4 Reasons Why You Should Add a Thermostatic Mixer Tap in Your Laundry Room

23 August 2021

Smelly clothes can easily ruin the overall environment of a property, especially if they are not stored properly. Hence, property owners have to ensure that they have a fully equipped laundry room. A fully equipped laundry room would normally contain a washer, a dryer, a laundry rack, and a drying rack. Another element that this specific room should have would be a stable source of water.

Properties are expected to possess a stable source of water. The only thing that property owners like you should consider is the type of fittings that will supply the said water.

One type of fitting that is heavily recommended in laundry rooms is a thermostatic mixer tap. A thermostatic mixer tap typically maximises a valve that would combine hot and cold water to effectively generate water according to one’s preselected temperature. Apart from its wonderful working principles, here are some more reasons why you should add a thermostatic mixer tap in your laundry room.

  1. Enhanced Safety

Adding a thermostatic mixer tap in your laundry room is highly recommended as it can enhance the safety of anyone who will be using the said room. The thermostatic mixer tap has mechanisms that would not only prevent water temperature fluctuations but also regulate the flow of water. With these mechanisms, anyone who will be doing the laundry will be safe from any associated risks of scalding. Surprising shocks out of too much hot or cold water are likewise eliminated with this type of fitting.

  1. Regulated Usage

Aside from enhancing the safety inside your laundry room, adding a thermostatic mixer tap is truly recommended since it can regulate the usage of water. Laundry rooms tend to consume a lot of water just to ensure that the clothes will be washed and cleaned thoroughly. But with a thermostatic mixer tap, you can easily regulate and control the water usage of your laundry room since it spontaneously changes the water temperature without wasting any water.

  1. Improved Access

One more reason why you should integrate a thermostatic mixer tap into your laundry room is that it can offer improved access over its operations. Conventional taps can be operated in various complex ways. Dialling the temperature and the flow of your water with a thermostatic mixer tap, alternatively, can be done easily by just moving the tap in a specific direction. The convenience that this tap brings to your property can ensure that anyone who will be doing the laundry can instantly do it.

  1. Immense Savings

Thanks to the ability of the thermostatic mixer tap to regulate water consumption, you can expect to gain significant savings in terms of your utility bills. Thermostatic mixer taps, as previously stated, can instantly convert the temperature of the water without undergoing warming procedures that are known to consume a lot of water. As water is saved, your total usage of water when converted into monetary value will decrease significantly, allowing you to save some money and spend it on other necessary items.

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